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Blood & food stag

Chai test 1, indications, blood stasis and food stag formulas

Peach Pit Decoct to Order the Qi: Tao He Cheng Qi Tang Heat & blood stasis accumulating in lower jiao, T: purple, possibly purple spots, thick yellow coat, P: submerged or choppy, part of Da Cheng Qi Tang family of 5 formulas
Drive Out Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Decoct: Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Blood stasis mostly in the chest, classic formula, Tao Hong Si Wu Tang + Si Ni Tang, moves qi, relives pain, chronic/severe h/a from injury, trigeminal neuralgia, enlarged liver, hiccups/dry heaves
Revive Health by Invigorating the Blood Decoct: Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang Blood stasis d/t trauma in hypochondrial area, unblock pain
Tonify the Yang to Restore Five (Tenths) Decoct: Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang Sequelae to windstroke with normal temp/bp, pale complexion, no bleeding; Qi def w/blood stasis, hemiplagia,, bells palsy, aphasia. Pt must be conscious
Sudden Smile Powder: Shi Xiao San pain in trunk d/t blood stasis; purple tongue, hesitant pulse, fixed/sharp pain, angina, - any pain except limbs
Salvia Decoct: Dan Shen Yin Chest/stomach pain, qi stagnation & blood stasis
Warm Menses Decoct: Wen Jing Tang warm menses, dysmenorrhea d/t cold in uterus w/blood stasisPCOS, chronic PID, chong/ren disorders
Generation & Transformation Decoct: Sheng Huang Tang postpartum (delivery or abortion) cold in uterus w/blood stasis & deficiency, only for women
Ten Partially Charred Substances Powder: Shi Hui San stop bleeding d/t heat, coughing/vomiting blood, bleeding in upper jiao, liver overact stomach, irritability, thirst
Pagoda Tree Flower Rice: Huai Hua San intestinal wind (cheng feng) & toxic yin organ (zang fu) blood in stool
Cephalanoplos Decoct: Xiao Ji Yin Zi static heat in lower burner, hematuria, UTI, anemia
Asshide & Mugwort: Jiao Ai Tang heavy uterine bleeding d/t chong & ren deficiency
Preserve Harmony Pill: Bao He Wan Classic for food stagnation d/t EXCESS
Strengthen the Spleen Pill: Jian Pi Wan Sp & St qi deficiency WITH excess food stagnation
Immature Bitter Orange & Atractylodes: Zhi Zhu Wan Sp qi def with food stagnation, focal distention
Aucklandia & Betel Nut Pill: Mu Xiang Bing Lang Wan food stagnation causing more complications -> damp-heat accumulation
Created by: gypsywitx