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Command Chart NESA

Command Chart - The Big Picture, NESA

LU JingWell LU 11
LU YingSpring LU 10
LU ShuStream LU 9
LU JingRiver LU 8
LU HeSea LU 5
LU Luo LU 7
LU XiCleft LU 6
LU YuanSource LU 9
LU Back Shu BL 13
LU Front Mu LU 1
PC JingWell PC 9
PC YingSpring PC 8
PC ShuStream PC 7
PC JingRiver PC 5
PC HeSea PC 3
PC XiCleft PC 4
PC Luo PC 6
PC YuanSource PC 7
PC Back Shu BL 14
PC Front Mu CV 17
HT JingRiver HT 4
HT YingSpring HT 8
HT ShuStream HT 7
HT JingRiver HT 4
HT HeSea HT 3
HT Luo HT 5
HT XiCleft HT 6
HT Back Shu BL 15
HT Front Mu CV 14
HT YuanSource HT 7
SP JingWell SP 1
SP YingSpring SP 2
SP ShuStream SP 3
SP JingRiver SP 5
SP HeSea SP 9
SP Luo SP 4
SP XiCleft SP 8
SP YuanSource SP 3
SP Back Shu BL 20
SP Front Mu LV 13
LV JingWell LV 1
LV YingSpring LV 2
LV ShuStream LV 3
LV JingRiver LV 4
LV HeSea LV 8
LV Luo LV 5
LV XiCleft LV 6
LV YuanSource LV 3
LV Back Shu BL 18
LV Front Mu LV 14
KD JingWell KD 1
KD YingSpring KD 2
KD ShuStream KD 3
KD JingRiver KD 7
KD HeSea KD 10
KD Luo KD 4
KD XiCleft KD 5
KD YuanSource KD 3
KD Back Shu BL 23
KD Front Mu GB 25
LI JingWell LI 1
LI YingSpring LI 2
LI ShuStream LI 3
LI JingRiver LI 5
LI HeSea LI 11
LI Luo LI 6
LI XiCleft LI 7
LI YuanSource LI 4
LI Back Shu BL 25
LI Front Mu ST 25
TW JingWell TW 1
TW YingSpring TW 2
TW ShuStream TW 3
TW JingRiver TW 6
TW HeSea TW 10
TW Luo TW 5
TW XiCleft TW 7
TW YuanSource TW 4
TW Back Shu BL 22
TW Front Mu CV 5
SI JingWell SI 1
SI YingSpring SI 2
SI ShuStream SI 3
SI JingRiver SI 5
SI HeSea SI 8
SI Luo SI 7
SI XiCleft SI 6
SI YuanSource SI 4
SI Back Shu BL 27
SI Front Mu CV 4
ST JingWell ST 45
ST YingSpring ST 44
ST ShuStream ST 43
ST JingRiver ST 41
ST HeSea ST 36
ST Luo ST 40
ST XiCleft ST 34
ST YuanSource ST 42
ST Back Shu BL 21
ST Front Mu CV 12
GB JingWell GB 44
GB YingSpring GB 43
GB ShuStream GB 41
GB JingRiver GB 38
GB HeSea GB 34
GB Luo GB 37
GB XiCleft GB 36
GB YuanSource GB 40
GB Back Shu BL 19
GB Front Mu GB 24
BL JingWell BL 67
BL YingSpring BL 66
BL ShuStream BL 65
BL JingRiver BL 60
BL HeSea BL 40
BL Luo BL 58
BL XiCleft BL 63
BL YuanSource BL 64
BL Back Shu BL 28
BL Front Mu CV 3
CV Luo CV 15
GV Luo GV 1
Grand Luo SP 21
LI Lower HeSea ST 37
SI Lower HeSea ST 39
TW Lower HeSea BL 39
3 Arm Yin Luo/Hui PC 5
3 Arm Yang Luo/Hui TW 8
3 Leg Yin Luo/Hui SP 6
3 Leg Yang Luo/Hui GB 39
Du Mai Master SI 3
Du Mai Couple BL 62
Ren Mai Master LU 7
Ren Mai Couple KD 6
Dai Mai Master GB 41
Dai Mai Couple TW 5
Chong Mai Master SP 4
Chong Mai Couple PC 6
Yin Qiao Master KD 6
Yin Qiao Couple LU 7
Yang Qiao Master BL 62
Yang Qiao Couple SI 3
Yin Wei Master PC 6
Yin Wei Couple SP 4
Yang Wei Master TW 5
Yang Wei Couple GB 41
Yin Qiao XiCleft KD 8
Yang Qiao XiCleft BL 59
Yang Wei XiCleft GB 35
Yin Wei XiCleft KD 9
Blood Vessels Hui LU 9
Yin Organs Hui LV 13
Sinews Hui GB 34
Marrow Hui GB 39
Blood/Diaphragm Hui BL 17
Bones Hui BL 11
Yang Organs Hui CV 12
Qi Hui CV 17
Upper Jiao CV 17
Middle Jiao CV 12
Lower Jiao CV 5
LU Mother LU 9
LU Horary LU 8
LU Child LU 5
SP Mother SP 2
SP Horary SP 3
SP Child SP 5
HT Mother HT 9
HT Horary HT 8
HT Child HT 7
KD Mother KD 7
KD Horary KD 10
KD Child KD 1
PC Mother PC 9
PC Horary PC 8
PC Child PC 7
LV Mother LV 8
LV Horary LV 1
LV Child LV2
LI Mother LI 11
LI Horary LI 1
LI Child LI 2
ST Mother ST 41
ST Horary ST 36
ST Child ST 45
SI Mother SI 3
SI Horary SI 5
SI Child SI 8
BL Mother BL 67
BL Horary BL 66
BL Child BL 65
TW Mother TW 3
TW Horary TW 6
TW Child TW 10
GB Mother GB 43
GB Horary GB 41
GB Child GB 38
Yin Organs JingWell Element Wood
Yin Organs YingSpring Element Fire
Yin Organs ShuStream Element Earth
Yin Organs JingRiver Element Metal
Yin Organs HeSea Element Water
Yang Organs JingWell Element Metal
Yang Organs YingSpring Element Water
Yang Organs ShuStream Element Wood
Yang Organs JingRiver Element Fire
Yang Organs HeSea Element Earth
LU Element Metal
SP Element Earth
HT Element Fire
KD Element Water
PC Element Fire
LV Element Wood
LI Element Metal
SI Element Fire
TW Element Fire
BL Element Water
GB Element Wood
ST Element Earth
LU Designation Arm TaiYin
SP Designation Leg TaiYin
HT Designation Arm ShaoYin
KD Designation Leg ShaoYin
PC Designation Arm JueYin
LV Designation Leg JueYin
LI Designation Arm Yangming
ST Designation Leg YangMing
SI Designation Arm TaiYang
BL Designation Leg TaiYang
TW Designation Arm ShaoYang
GB Designation Leg ShaoYang
LU Time 3-5 am
LI Time 5-7 am
ST Time 7-9 am
SP Time 9-11 am
HT Time 11 am-1 pm
SI Time 1-3 pm
BL Time 3-5 pm
KD Time 5-7 pm
PC Time 7-9 pm
TW Time 9-11 pm
GB Time 11 pm-1 am
LV Time 1-3 am
Do You Know This Stuff? YES!!!!
Abdomen Command Point ST36
Head & back of neck Command Point LU7
Back (upper & lower) Command Point BL40
Face & mouth Command Point LI4
Sea of Blood Pts BL11, ST37, ST39
Sea of Qi/Energy Pts CV17, BL10, ST9
Sea of Bone Pts GV15, GV16, GV19, GV20
Sea of Nourishment Pts ST30, ST36
Window of Sky Pts BL10, ST9, TW16, LI18, LU3, (PC1, CV22, GV16, SI16, SI17)
Effects of Xi Cleft Pts Acute pain in immediate channel area
Effects of Luo Pts Internally/externally related ssx
Effects of Yuan Source Pts Encourages movement in meridian
Ssx treated with Jing Well Pts Mental illness, chest stifling, fullness under heart
Ssx treated with Ying Spring Pts Febrile diseases, complexion change, hot sensations
Ssx treated with Shu Stream Pts Bi, wind, damp, heaviness, joint pain
Ssx treated with Jing River Pts Asthma, cough, hot/cold sensations, voice sound changes
Ssx treated with He Sea Pts Fu organs, stomach, intestines, rebellious Qi, diarrhea
What is the mother pt on a channel used for? Tonification
What is the child pt on a channel used for? Dispersion/Sedation
Created by: clehmann