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6 Channel Principle Identification

Shang Hun Lun StageTemperaturePulseKey S/SxGuiding FormulaLocation
Tai Yang - Wind Strike Heat effusion w/aversion to wind & cold floating and moderate sweating that doesn't resolve, pain and stiffness in neck Gui Zhi Tang Exterior
Tai Yang - Cold Damage Heat effusion w/aversion to cold & wind floating and tight no sweat, pain and stiffness in neck & generalized pain, wheezing Ma huang tang Exterior
Tai Yang - Water Amassment Heat effusion w/aversion to cold floating or floating rapid fullness in lesser abdomen, inhibited urination, vomiting of fluids LI zhong wan, si ni tang Exterior
Tai Yang - Blood Amassment no real temperature change sinking, bound tense bound lesser abdomen or fullness and distention, uninhibited urine, mania, black stool Tao he cheng qi Exterior
Shao Yang fever w/alternating aversion to cold wiry bitter taste, dry throat, dizzy vision, fullness in ribside and chest, nausea and vomiting, reduced appetite Xiao Chai hu tang Neither interior nor exterior
Yang Ming - Channel Disorder High fever w/aversion to heat replete or slippery pulse profuse sweating, severe thirst, irritability Bai hu tang Interior
Yang Ming - Bowel Disorder Tidal fever deep and replete constipation, focal distention, fullness in abdomen, abdominal pain worse w/palpation, dry yellow tongue coating Da cheng qi tang Interior
Tai Yin Feeling of cold deep, weak or moderate abdominal fullness and periodic pain, inability to get food down, spontaneous diarrhea and vomiting, absence of thirst, cold limbs Li zhong wan, si ni tang Interior
Shao Yin - Cold Transformation Strong aversion to cold fine, minute on verge of expiry desire only to sleep, reversal cold of limbs, clear-food diarrhea, retching & vomiting, possible heat effusion w/red face, true cold false heat pattern Si ni tang Interior
Shao Yin - Heat Transformation No real change fine, rapid pulse HT vexation & insomnia, dry mouth & throat, red tongue Huang lian e jiao tang Interior
Jue Yin No real exterior change; simultaneous heat and cold in interior no specific pulse signs Dispersion-thirst, qi rushing up to HT, pain & heat in HT, vomiting of roundworms after eating, diarrhea, heat above cold below pattern Wu mei wan Interior
Created by: liveforhim7