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SWAC formulas Ch 15

Formulas for Eliminating Phlegm

Er Chen Tang-ing ban xia (c), chen pi, fu ling, zhi gan cao. Prepare w/sheng jiang & wu mei.
Er Chen Tang-ind foundation formula to eliminate phlegm.Damp-phlegm retention: coughing w/profuse sputum, nausea, vomiting, fatigue or dizziness.
Dao Tan Tang-ind Guide out Phlegm Decoction - stronger than Er Chen Tang
Dao Tan Tang-ing Er Chen Tang + tian nan xing (clears phlegm) & zhi shi(regulates qi).
Di Tan Tang-ind scour out phlegm & open orifices. For phlegm misting mind &orifices causing windstroke epilepsy, seizures,etc
Jin Shui Liu Jun Jian-ingredients Er Chen Tang + shu di huang & dang gui.Ratio shu di to ban xia is 2:1
Jin Shui Liu Jun Jian-indication Phlegm retention & Yin deficiency
Wen Dan Tang (warm the GB decoction) ingredients ban xia (c), zhu ru, zhi shi, chen pi, fu ling, zhi gan cao. Prepare w/sheng jiang & da zao.
Wen Dan Tang-indications disharmony between GB & ST w/phlegm retention - insomnia, irritability, anxiety, lots of dreams, dizziness, nausea
What is ingredient difference between Er Chen Tang & Wen Dan Tang? Wen Dan Tang is Er Chen Tang + zhu ru & zhi shi
Fu Ling Wan-ingredients ban xia(c), fu ling, zhi ke, mang xiao.Prepare w/sheng jiang juice
Fu Ling Wan-indications phlegm stagnation in MJ causing phlegm to disperse to channels & extremities - pain, numbness, reduced ROM in arms/hands
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan-indication Phlegm heat in Lung - acute conditions
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan-chief herb dan nan xing > clear phlegm-heat
Xiao Xian Xiong Tang - indication(minor sinking into the chest decoction) Jie Xiong Syndrome - heat & phlegm clumping in chest; painful w/pressure, cough w/sticky sputum
Xiao Xian Xiong Tang-chief herb gua lou shi
Gun Tan Wan-indication excessive heat & old stubborn phlegm combined - mania, depression, facial tics, "phlegm causing 1000 strange disorders"
Gun Tan Wan-chief meng shi
Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang-indication (sargassum decoction for the jade flask) Yin Liu = Goiter
Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang-chiefs hai zao, kun bu, hai dai > dissolve phlegm, soften masses
Bei Mu Gua Lou San-indication dry-phlegm cough
Bei Mu Gua Lou San-chief chaun bei mu
Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang - chief gan jiang > warm LU/SP; expel damp & congested fluids
Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang - indication cough d/t cold-phlegm / congested fluids retention. Cold-phlegm is d/t MJ deficiency
Ling Gui Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang - notes on ing gan jiang>warms, xi xin>disperses, wu wei zi > restrains LU Qi
What is indication difference between Ling Gui Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang & Xiao Qing Long Tang? Ling Gui Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang treats chronic cold-phlegm. Xiao Qing Long Tang treats acute cold-phlegm d/t wind-cold invasion.
San Zi Yang Qin Tang (3-seed decoction to nourish one's parents) - ing & functions bai jie zi > eliminates phlegm, warms, su zi > descends Qi, lai fu zi > reduces food stagnation
San Zi Yang Qin Tang - ind phlegm retention & Qi stagnation - coughing, wheezing, profuse sputum, tight chest, indigestion
What herb's effectiveness is reduced with lai fu zi? ren shen
Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang - chief ban xia & tian ma > extinguish wind-phlegm in head
What is ingredient differnce between Er Chen Tang & Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang? Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma is Er Chen Tang plus tian ma(calm LR/extinguish wind) & bai zhu(strengthen SP/dry damp)
Ding Xian Wan (arrest seizures pill)- chief zhu li> clears heat, transform phlegm, sedate spirit, benefit orifice
Ding Xian Wan (arrest seizures pill) - ind seizures d/t phlegm heat retention; use this formula for acute stage of epilepsy (seizure in past 2 months)
Zhi Sou San (stop coughing powder) - chief zi wan & bai bu > LU/ bitter, warm, moist/ stop cough & phlegm
Zhi Sou San (stop coughing powder) - ind cough d/t residual wind invasion (not strong enough for wheezing)
What formula treats wheezing d/t heat phlegm? Ding Chaun Tang
What formula treats wheezing d/t cold phlegm? Xiao Qing Long Tang
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