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8 Principles

Exterior Cold Severe Chills, mild Fever, Av wind/ cold, No Sweating, profuse thin sputum
Exterior Heat High fever & chills, Av wind Sweat, mild ache, h/a – dist Sore throat, Yellow urine
Exterior Excess As Exterior cold, mainly no sweat
Interior Cold Pale. Cold limbs, Av cold, Less thirst, thin white sputum Clear urine, loose stools T: pale, white slippery P: sinking slow
Interior Heat Flushed, Sweating/ Not, Palp, restless, irr, Yellow sticky sputum, Yellow urine, dry stool, constipation P: sinking rapid
Interior Excess Full & pain in chest & abd pressure arg, Const T: red, yellow greasy P: sinking full
Interior Deficiency Pale/ malar, palp, dizzy, weak, tired, less talk, Poor app
Interior & Exterior Simultaneous Invasion Contradictory patterns, I.E.> Internal heat w/ exterior cold Chronic disease w/ exterior pattern
Cold Excess Syndrome Bright pale, Av to cold, cold limbs Severe pain, press arg, No thirst, Loose stool(improve cond), C urine
Cold Deficiency Syndrome Sallow, Av to cold, cold limbs Dull pain, like press, No thirst Loose stool (arg), clear urine
Heat Excess Red face/ eyes, High Fever, Irr Big thirst, Abd pain, bitter, dd sleep, Yellow sputum/ bleed Red, hot, raised, painful skin
Heat Deficiency Low grade afternoon/ evening Thirst: sips, no bitter taste, Fidgety, frequent wake, Malar, Dry stool, no abd pain Scarlet rd, unraised, no pain
Hyperactive Pathogens 6 Evils Short course, Strong Body, Fever, Irr, Mania Fullness in chest & abd Acute pain, press arg, Severe hot diarrhea/ const
Insufficiency > Qi, blood, yin or yang Long course, Spon/ night Dull pain lingers, like press Poor app, sob, palp, fatigue, listless, weak, depression Loose stool, profuse urine
Yin Deficiency Malar, Tidal fever/ night sweat Heat in 5 centers, Thirst: sips Insomnia- freq wake, dry throat Vague anxiety, fidgety Dry stool, no abd pain
Cold Excess Synd T & P T: pale/ blue/ purple, thick white moist P: full tight deep
Cold Def. Synd T & P T: pale, thin white moist P: slow deep weak
Heat Excess T & P T: crimson, yellow dry P: rapid, full, overflowing
Created by: Rocksolid