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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Calm the Spirit herb calm shen, anchor spirit, herbs Acupuncture 2012-04-26 gypsywitx 11 0 edit
Open Orifice herbs open orifice Acupuncture 2012-04-26 gypsywitx 5 0 edit
Extinguish Wind herbs that extinguish wind Acupuncture 2012-04-28 gypsywitx 9 0 edit
Herb ID dr. he Dr. He id herbs Acupuncture 2012-05-02 gypsywitx 22 0 edit
Tonify Formulas Dr.Chai, tonify qi/blood/yin/yang INGREDIENTS ONLY Acupuncture 2012-09-16 gypsywitx 29 1 edit
brdrvw measurements cun body measurements Acupuncture 2014-03-24 gypsywitx 13 0 edit
brdrvw fire points brdrvw fire points only review Acupuncture 2012-07-16 gypsywitx 12 0 edit
brdrvw earth points brdrvw earth points Acupuncture 2012-07-30 gypsywitx 12 0 edit
Xi cleft, Luo, Yuan Xi cleft, Luo, Yuan Unfinished 2013-02-08 gypsywitx 61 0 edit
Blood & food stag Chai test 1, indications, blood stasis and food stag formulas Acupuncture 2012-08-16 gypsywitx 16 0 edit
brdrvw point rx point rx for various disease Unfinished 2013-02-07 gypsywitx 59 0 edit
gyn disorder dr. he dr. he test 1, gyn disorders Acupuncture 2013-11-18 gypsywitx 37 1 edit
Dampness Formulas Dr. Chai Formulas 2 test 2 Damp/Phlegm ingredients Acupuncture 2012-09-06 gypsywitx 14 0 edit
Dampness Formulas Fx Dr. Chai formulas2 test2, damp/phlegm functions Acupuncture 2012-09-06 gypsywitx 23 0 edit
com. disease formula azula midterm, formulas Acupuncture 2012-09-27 gypsywitx 10 0 edit
formus2 test 3 chai chai formulas 2 final INGREDIENTS Acupuncture 2012-10-03 gypsywitx 4 0 edit
Taste Function Flavors and Taste Acupuncture 2012-10-01 gypsywitx 10 0 edit
random organ stuff manifests, opens to, spirit, controls Acupuncture 2012-10-05 gypsywitx 25 0 edit
brdrvw channel/stage 6 meridian, 4 stage, sanjiao Acupuncture 2013-01-04 gypsywitx 23 0 edit
brdrvw eyes/nose correlation between eyes/nose and organs Acupuncture 2013-01-04 gypsywitx 10 0 edit
bdrvw tastes taste correlations and effects Acupuncture 2013-01-04 gypsywitx 5 0 edit
brdrvw elements elements/directions/sounds Acupuncture 2013-01-08 gypsywitx 5 0 edit
brdrvw 8 extras fx and pts of 8 xtras & paired Acupuncture 2013-01-10 gypsywitx 12 0 edit
brdrvw pulses brdrvw pulses Unfinished 2013-01-15 gypsywitx 29 0 edit

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