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Europe Trades with the East

In what year were the Crusades first organized? 1096
When did Bartholemeu Dias discover the Cape of Good Hope? 1488
About when did Vikings first arrive in North America? 1000
When did Christopher first arrive in America? October 12, 1492
When did Vasco da Gama reach India for Portugal? 1498
Name two Italian cities which gained a monopoly over trade with the East. Venice and Genoa
What continents border the Atlantic Ocean? Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Antarctica
In 1492 who were the king and queen of Spain? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
What rulers financed Christopher Columbus' voyages? Ferdinand and Isabella
About when did America's first human inhabitants arrive? 20,000 years ago
What country circumnavigated Africa in order to travel to Asia? Portugal
What is meant by circumnavigate? To travel around
What was the purpose of the Crusades? To retake the the Holy Land (Palestine) from Muslims
Who asked for military expeditions to retake Palestine from the Muslims? The pope
What was Marco Polo's book, The Travels of Marco Polo, about? His travels to China
In what region of the world are India, China, and the Spice islands located? The East
What was the main accomplishment of Prince Henry the Navigator? He established a school of navigation to teach Portuguese seamen
What continents make up the New World? North America and South America
Name three modern day countries which were the traditional home of the Vikings. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
What was Leif Ericson's occupation (job)? sea captain
What ethnic group did Leif Ericson belong to? Viking or Norse
Did Christopher Columbus know that he had discovered a new land? No
What events interested many Europeans in products from the East? The Crusades
How many of the Crusades were successful? One--the first one
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