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6 types of lin ht, stone, qi, bld, cloudy, exhuastion
3 E&P ht and damp-ht in the BL, SP and KD xu, LV-qi stag
damp-ht and ht in BL etiology (3) XS emotional activity, improper diet, poor personal hygiene
ht and damp-ht in the BL pathology (5) 1. ht in LB injures bld collarterals bld seeps down 2.HT fire transfering to SI 3.damp-ht or ht acum in BL 4. damp-ht accum in LB scorch urine and fluids 5. damp-ht accum in LB disrupts transformation of BL qi and separation of clear and turbid fl
Sp and KD etiology (5) 1. prolonged urinary disorders injures right qi 2. XS sex 3. over-exertion 4. chronic disease or constitutional weakness 5. frail constitution in elderly
SP and KD pathology 1. SP xu causes MB qi sinking, 2. xu SP fails to govern bld, 3. xu KD yin cause empty fire that injures bld vessels
LV qi stagnation E (1) & P(1) emtional stress, LV qi stag disrupts flow of qi in LB
Cruicial pts for diagnosis (3) identify types of lin, differentiate XS and xu, analyze root and manifestations
Genearl principles of treat - ht lin clr-ht, elim damp, prom urination (damp-ht in BL)
Genearl principles of treat - bld lin clr-ht, cool bld, stop blding, (tx injured bld vessels)
Genearl principles of treat - stone lin p. urination, dissolve or expel stones (tx gravel form in urinary sys)
Genearl principles of treat - qi lin reg LV qi, disp tag (tx LV-qi stag lin)
Genearl principles of treat - SP and KD xu T. SP and T. KD
ht painful lin patterns (3) damp-ht in BL, HT fire transmits to SI, LV fire transmit to LB
stone lin patterns (3) damp-ht in LB, bld stag in LB, KD xu (KD qi or KD yin)
Qi Lin patterns (2) LV qi stag, Sp qi xu
cloudy lin patterns (2) ht-damp accum in LB, KD xu
Exhuastion lin (3) KD qi xu, KD yang, KD yin xu
Created by: carneybrendan