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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Herbal Comp Category Herbal Comp Herb Categories - NESA Acupuncture 2007-08-20 carneybrendan 169 3 edit
Herbal Comp Rel Ext Herbal Comp Rel Ext Acupuncture 2007-08-14 carneybrendan 20 0 edit
Herbal Comp Clr-ht Herbal Comp Clr-ht Acupuncture 2007-09-06 carneybrendan 37 0 edit
Herbal Comp-DD... Downward-Draining, Drain Damp, Dispel Wind-Damp Herbs Acupuncture 2007-08-17 carneybrendan 18 1 edit
Herbal Comp-Phl&Coug Herbs Trans phl and stop cough Acupuncture 2012-10-24 carneybrendan 18 0 edit
Herbal Comp-Reg...FS Reg Qi, Reg Blood, Food Stag Herbs, Invig Bld Acupuncture 2007-08-17 carneybrendan 22 1 edit
Herbal Comp - Warm&T Warm Exterior Herbs, Tonify Qi, Blood, Yin, Yang Acupuncture 2007-09-08 carneybrendan 32 1 edit
Herbal Comp-end Stab & Bind, Calm Spirit, Open Orifices, Ext Wind and Stop Tremors Acupuncture 2007-09-09 carneybrendan 23 0 edit
Herbal Comp-Form ALL Herbal Comp - Formulas - ALL - 110 - Jason style Acupuncture 2007-08-27 carneybrendan 110 4 edit
H. Comp-Form-R.Ext Release Exterior Acupuncture 2007-09-10 carneybrendan 16 0 edit
H. Comp-Form Clr-ht clear-ht form Acupuncture 2007-09-10 carneybrendan 21 2 edit
H.Comp - Form DD Formulas that Downward Drian Acupuncture 2007-09-12 carneybrendan 9 1 edit
H.Comp - Form Harm Form that Harmonize Acupuncture 2007-08-23 carneybrendan 12 1 edit
H.Comp-Form tx dry Form that tx dryness Acupuncture 2007-08-27 carneybrendan 37 1 edit
H.Comp - Form Warm Form to Warm the Interior Acupuncture 2007-09-13 carneybrendan 12 1 edit
H.Comp - Tonify Formulas that Tonify! Acupuncture 2007-08-27 carneybrendan 25 1 edit
H.Comp - Reg Qi Formulas that Reg Qi Acupuncture 2007-09-13 carneybrendan 12 1 edit
H.Comp - Inv Bld Form that Invig Blood, T and Stop blding Acupuncture 2007-09-14 carneybrendan 20 1 edit
H.Comp-stab, calm Formulas that Stabilize and Bind, Calm Spirit, Open Orifices, Ext Wind Acupuncture 2007-09-17 carneybrendan 39 1 edit
H. Comp Forgetfull Forgetfull form Acupuncture 2007-09-17 carneybrendan 16 1 edit
H. Comp Ing Form Herbal Comp - Form we need to know the ing of... Acupuncture 2007-09-17 carneybrendan 33 1 edit
Internal Med-1 Internal Med-Test1, StackA Acupuncture 2007-09-29 carneybrendan 22 3 edit
Internal Med-1 Internal Med-Test1, StackB Acupuncture 2007-09-30 carneybrendan 22 2 edit
Internal Med-1 Internal Med-Test1, StackC Acupuncture 2007-09-30 carneybrendan 23 2 edit
IM-test2 IM-test2-introduction Acupuncture 2007-10-26 carneybrendan 18 0 edit
IM-Test 2 formulas Acupuncture 2007-10-11 carneybrendan 18 1 edit
Internal Med Internal Med-Lin herbs Acupuncture 2007-10-16 carneybrendan 10 1 edit

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