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ITIL Foundations

ITIL Study Questions

What are the service Life Cycle processes? Strategy, Design, Transition. operation. Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
What makes up best practices? Sources, Drivers, Enablers, Scenarios
What is in best practice sources? Standards, industry practices, academic research, training and education, internal experience
What is in best practice drivers? substitutes. regulators, customers
What is in best practice enablers? employees, customers, suppliers, advisors, technology
What is in best practice scenarios? competition, compliance, commitment
Why is ITIL successful? Vender neutral, non-prescritptive, best practice.
What is a service? Value, outcome, end to end A means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes
What does VOCR stand for? Value Outcomes, costs, risks (Helps define a service)
Define value Business outcomes, preferences, perception Level to which a service meets a customers needs.
What are the primary elements of value? Utility (fits a purpose) and warrants (fit for use)
What makes up warranty in terms of value? Availability,capacity, continuity, security
What makes up utility in terms of value? performance supported, constraints removed
Define service management A set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value Capabilities/resources ---> into valuable services
What make up capabilities and resources for assets? capabilities: managment, organization,processes,knowledge,people resources: financial cap, infrastructure, applications, information, people
Who are the stakeholders in service management? customers, users, suppliers
Define a process a structured set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective inputs ---> activities ---> outputs
What are the characteristics of a processes Measurability, specific results, customer or stakeholders, responds to specific trigger
What are the generic roles of a process? Service owner (acountability of the service (not day to day)), process owner (accoutnability of the process (not day to day)) process manager process practitioner
What does RACI model stand for? Responsible, accountable consulted, informed
What are the three types of metrics? technology metrics (component metrics), process metrics, service metrics (end to end)
What is KPI and CFS? Critical success factor make up of KPI: key performance indicator Qualitatice/quantitative Compliance, quality, performance, value
What is the process of the deming cycle? PDCA: plan, do, check, act
What makes up service strategy process and what is it? Defines the perspectice, position, plans and patters that a service provider needs to be able to execute to meet an organizations business outcomes Service protfolio management, financial management for it services, business relationship management.
What is governance? Defines the direction, polices and rules for conducting business
What are the service provider types? Type 1: internal 2: shared services 3: external service
What makes up the service portfolio? Service pipeline --> service catalog --> retired services
What is risk management? identifying risks, analyzing risks (qualitative/quantitative), managing risks
What is service portfolio management? part of strategy. ensures the right mix of services to balance investment. enables decisions on which services to provide.
What is financial management for it services? Part of strategy. establish framework to manage the cost of service stratagy.
What is ABC stand for? Accoutning, budgeting, charging. Part of financial management.
What is business relationship management part of strategy. focuses on the understanding how services meet the customers requirements from a strategic and tactical level
What makes up service design? Design coordination, service catalog man service level man, availability man, capacity man, it service continuity management, information security man, supplier man.
Whats the purpose of design? design it services together with the governing it practices, processes and policies, to realize the service providers strategy
What are the 4 Ps? people, processes, products/technology, partners/suppliers
What is the SDP? Serice design package (blueprint)
What are the service design five major aspects STAMP: solution, tools, architecture, measurable, process
What is design coordination? part of design. Ensures consistent design to meet the current and evolving business outcomes an requirements
What is service level management? part of design. define, document, agree, monitor, measure, report and review it services provided and instigate appropriate corrective measures
What is an SLA? Service level agreement: written agreement between an it service provider and the it customers
what is an OLA? operational level agreement: agreement between an it service provider and another part of the same organization.
What is an SLR? service level requirments: a customers requirments for it services
What is SIP? service improvement plan: formal plan aimed at implementing improvements to a process or it service
what is service catalog management? part of design. managed service catalog information
what is supplier management? part of design. obtain value for money from suppliers
what is information security management? part of design. focal point of all it security issues.
what is availability management? part of design. ensure the level of availability delivered in all it services. reactive vs proactive. service,component,realiability, maintainability,serviceability,
What is capacity management? part of design. ensures agreed service performance targets are met or exceeded
what is continuity management? part of design. managing the risks that could effect IT. appropriate mechanisms to meet or exceed agreed targets.
what is BIA? Business impact analysis. Goes with continuity. quantify the impact of loss of service.
what is service transition? Transition planning and support, change management, service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management, knowledge management. ensures that new modified or retired services meet the expectation of the business.
What is a model? predefined steps for handling a known type of event.
What is transition planning and support? part of transition. overall planning for service transitions and coordinate the resources that they require.
what is SACM? part of transition. service asset and configuration management. ensures the assets required to deliver services are properly controlled. manages the CIs
whats a CI? Configuration items. part of SACM. versions baselines constituent components etc...
What is DML? part of SACM. definitive media library: secure library in which the definitivve authorized version of all media CIs are stored.
what is CMS? configuration management system. part of SACM. a set of tools data and information used to support SACM. inside the SKM.
What is change management? part of transition. lifecycle of all changes.
What are the types of changes in change management? Standard: pre authorized low risk common. Emergency: must be implemented soon. Normal: any service change that is not standard or emergency.
Whats a change proposal? proposal for change.
whats remediation planning? actions taken to recover after a failed change.
what is CAB? change advisory board. ECAB is emergancy.
Whats the change life cycle? create, record, review, assess and eval, build, deploy, record/close.
What is release and deploy management? plan, schedule and control the build, test and deployment.
What is knowledge management? part of transition. improve the quality of decision making.
Whats DIKW? data, information, knowledge, wisdom.
what is SKM? knowledge managment system. holds CMS which hold CMD
what is service operation? Event, incident, request, problem, access. Fucntions: service desk, tech man, it ops man, app man. deliver services agreed levels at agreed levels to business customers and users.
What is an event? any change of state that has a significance for the management of the configuration its CI or IT service.
Whats an alert? notification that something has changed/failed/threshold reached.
What is an incident? Unplanned interruption, reduction in quality, failure of configuration item. Impact/urgency measured.
What is a service request? information or for small changes that are low risk, frequently performed.
Whats a problem? underlying cause of incident.
Whats a workaround? reduces impact of an incident when there is no full resolution.
Whats a known error? = problem + root cause + workaround
what is KEDB? known error database.
What is event management? part of operation. detect all changes of state that have significance for the management of CI or it services.
What is incident management? part of operation. restore normal service operation as quickly as possible. identify, lof, catagorize, prioritize, diagnose, escalation, investigation, resolution.
What is request fulfillment? part of operations. manage life cycle of all service requests.
What is problem management? part of operation. prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening. diagnose root cause of incidents.
what is access management? part of operations. provides the right for users to be able to use a service.
What is IT operations control? console management, job scheduling, backups print and output.
What is technical management? mainframe, server, network, storage, databases, directory, desktop, middleware, internet.
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