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Karate - General

English to Japanese for basic karate terms

What is left? hidari
What is right? migi
What is stance? dachi
What is block? uke
What is kick? geri
What is strike? uchi
What is the training room called? dojo
What is foot? ashi
What is knife hand? shuto
What is begin? hajime
What is stop yame
What is ready? yoi
What is focus? kime
What is technique? waza
What is sparring? kumite
What is upper level? jodan
What is middle level? chudan
What is lower level? gedan
What is back? ushiro
What is form? kata
What is empty hand? karate
What is gut yell? kiai
What is teacher? sensei
What is master instructor? shihan
What is stand up? tatte
What is face each other? otagai ni
What is face front? shomen ni
What is attention? kiyotsuke
What is line up? shugo
What is kneel down? seiza
What is bow? rei
What is mokuso? meditation
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