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brdrvw earth points

Lung 9 Tai Yuan Earth on Metal, Shu Stream, Yuan Source, influential (hui meeting) for vascular system, tonify Lu, transform phlegm, descends Lu qi, alleviates pain, hemoptysis, stop cough, warmest and most tonifying point
Lg. Intest 11 Quchi Earth on Metal, He-Sea, disperse wind/heat/damp, harmonize qi & blood, regulate Lu qi, painful obstruction syndrome, high fever that doesn't recede
Stomach 36 Zusanli Earth on Earth, He-Sea, harmonize St, regulate intestines, descend rebel qi, master pt do descend energy, transform phlegm, adjusts middle jiao, 5 taxations and 7 injuries,
Spleen 3 Tai Bai Earth on Earth, Shu-Stream, Yuan Source, dispel dampness and strengthen Sp, diarrhea, menstrual disorders, heavy body, hemorroids, sore muscles from dampness
Heart 7 Shen Men Earth on Fire, Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source, adjusts and clears heart, eases the mind, calm shen, disperse heart fire, reduce nocturnal emissions, insomnia, palpitations, mania
Sm. Intest 8 Xiao Hai Earth on Fire, He-Sea, clear SI heat, feeling overstimulated, wind causing tics, convulsions, dizziness, scrofula, lateral neck pain, swelling of gums, in ability to raise 4 limbs
Bladder 40 Wei Zhong Earth on Water, He-Sea, clears blood, clear heat, dispel wind damp, lumbar pain, renal pain, relaxes spine, weeping eczema & psoriasis, purifies water
Kidney 3 Tai Qi Earth on Water, Shu-Stream, Yuan Source, nourish Ki yin, invigorates original Yang, strengthen knees/back, source for 3 yin and 3 yang, moves SJ, Yin Qiao command pt, deficient yin cough, chronic throat problems, arthritic and degen dysfx, anchor Lu qi,
Pericardium 7 Da Ling Earth on Fire, Shu Stream, Yuan Source, Calm heart, open chest, cools excess Ht heat, stabilizes fire, calm shen, harmonize stomach & intestines, fever,
SanJiao 10 Tian Jing Earth on Fire, Shu-Stream, regulate SJ qi, transform damp-phlegm, hemoptysis with phlegm, MAJOR phlegm dissolver of all phlegm
GallBladder 34 Yang Ling Quan Earth on Wood, He-Sea, Influential of tendons and muscles, expels wind from knees/legs, clears heat from Gb, regulate Lv & Gb, revives luo vessels, fatigued muscles, harmonize shaoyang
Liver 3 Tai Chong Earth on Wood, Shu-Stream, Yuan Source, pacify liver, extinguish fire, clear damp-heat in lower jiao, strengthen Chong, descend rebellious qi, resolve Lv qi stag, relieve frustration and anger, muscle spasms
Created by: gypsywitx