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brdrvw fire points

brdrvw fire points only review

Lung 10 Yu Ji Fire on Metal, Ying-Spring, clear blood heat, harmonize St, loss of voice, bronchitis, hangover headache, mania with yellow tongue fur, painful teeth, bleeding gums
Spleen 2 Da Du Fire on Earth, Ying-Spring, harmonize spleen, warm middle jiao, descend rebellious, clear heat from entire body, damp or damp-heat with swelling in 4 limbs
Heart 8 Shao Fu Fire on Fire, Ying-Spring, Calms heart and shen, disperse excess heat or fire, urinary issues
Kidney 2 Ran Gu Fire on Water, Ying-Spring, clear kidney heat, clear def heat, one foot hot/one foot cold, regulate lower jiao, itching of genitals, infertility, impotence, emissions, shan disorder, night sweats
Pericardium 8 Lao Gong Fire on Fire, Ying-Spring, revive consciousness, clear heart heat, calm shen, harmonize st and clear heat from middle jiao, cool blood, Lv fire invading Ht
Liver 2 Xing Jian Fire on Wood, Ying-Spring, drain Lv fire, cool blood heat, spread stag. qi, strengthen Chong, cools head, pacify Lv wind, brighten eyes
Lg. Intestine 5 Yang Xi Fire on Metal, Jing-River, clear heat & yangming fire, headache, toothache, wrist pain, dominates nose/ears/teeth/head/throat, supplies wei qi to skin
Stomach 41 Jie Xi Fire on Earth, Jing-River, support spleen, transforms damp & stagnation, tonifies all earth, swelling of face and head, ab distention after eating, clears heat from st channel and organ
Sm. Intestine 5 Yan Gu Fire on Fire, Jing-River, swelling of neck, toothache, tinnitus/deafness, visual dizziness, swelling/redness/pain of eye, mania
Bladder 60 Kun Lun Fire on Water, Jing-River, descend yang, disperse win, strengthen lumbar, relax sinews, promote labor, stiff neck/shoulder/back. cools head, pain of coccyx, chest fullness
San Jiao 6 Zhi Gou Fire on Fire, Jing-River, liver disperse Lv qi, constipation, pain of arm (from axilla to hand) hand numbness, hemiplagia, benefit the voice
Gallbladder 38 Yang Fu Fire on Wood, Jing-River, harmonize shaoyang, disperse cold/wind/damp from channels, soothe liver, wandering bi, pain in all joints
Created by: gypsywitx