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What is electrostatic energy? q1*q2 / r --> electrostatic potential * charge
What are strong ionic bonds created from? high q values and small r values
What does it mean to have high charge density for ions that form strong ionic bonds? charge : size ratio is high
How is an ionic bond formed? electrons transfer completely from one atom to another resulting in an electrostatic interaction
lattice energy energy required to break ionic bond
What is electrostatic force also called? -Coulomb's Law -F = kq1q2 / r^2
If r halves in the electrostatic force equation, what happens to electrostatic force? increases by a factor of 4
How are Coulomb's law and gravitation law related? Gravitation force is tiny compared to electrostatic force
What is Coulomb's constant, k? k = 9E9
How to make hybrid orbitals? hybridizing electron orbitals to produce certain geometries that facilitate bonding
What is an sp3 orbital made of? hybrid between 1s and 3p orbitals
How is boron an exception to octet rule? forms 3 bonds with 0 lone pairs
What does dipole moment depend on? electronegativity difference and distance separating charges
Things with dipole moment are also known to be polar / nonpolar? polar
lewis acids vs. lewis bases -lewis bases donate electron pair -lewis acids accept electron pair
What are most covalent bonds made of? nonmetals
What creates the most ionic bond? greatest difference in electronegativity
create bonds = break bonds = -release energy -take in energy
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