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We Celbrate the 4th of July to Commemorate? The adoption of the Declaration of Independence
Which of these Nr=orth American cities is oldest? St. Augustine, Fla.
Which American Indian tribe has never been natice to the Atlantic Coast? Sioux
What nearly destroyed the British colonies of New England in 1675-76? Metacom's( or King Philip's) War
Which city was the first U.S. capital under the Constitution? New York, N.Y.
The Declatation of Independence, the Constitution and the BIll of Rights are on permanent public display in what building in Washington, D.C.? National Archives
The number of congressional representatice each state can send to the U.S house of Representatices is determined by: State Population
Which of the following states include land from the Louisiana Purchase of 1803? Missouri, Arkansas, Minnesote, Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Noth Dakota, Wyoming
WHat happened During the War of 1812? Poet Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics of "The star-spangled Banner"; U.S. troops attacked and burned York, Ontaria, the capital of Upper Iowa; British forces invaded Washington, D.C. and burnded the White House
Passed by congress in 1820, the missouri compromise included the following provision: Missouri would enter hte union as a slave state and Maine as a free state
The underground railroad carried americans fromslavery to freedom
What was the first southern state to secede, or declare it was no longer part of the united states, in 18651? South Caroline
During the 1860's the federal government: Porvided an easy was for americans to acquire land from the federal government to start farm; frovide land grants as a way for states to raise money for colleges and universities, purchased alaska from russia
The 100th anniverary of the nations founding was in 1876, when this important even took place The battle of little bighorn
When was the women suffrage amendment to the u.s. constitution ratified? 1920
More than 25 million passengers and members of shipss crews entered the united states betweem 1892 amd 1924 through which facility? Ellis island and the port of new york
All of the folloing were created as part of the new deal respone to the Great Depression of the 1930s except the: Federal reseve system
June 6, 1944 became known as D-day, marking a mahor turning point in WWII when: 156000 american, british, canadian and other troops invaded Nazi, occupied France
in 1950, the tready of Detroit settled a dispute between The united auto workers and gerneral motots
American scientist dr. Jonas Salk discovered: The polio vaccine
An important aspect of the 1950s and 1960s "space race" was the goal of the united states and the soviet union to increase their world reputations in science
The nonviolent ideas of henry david thoreau, leo tolstoy and gandhi inspired what noted civil rights leader of the 1950s and 1960s? Martin Luther king, Jr.
The founders of the united farm workers in 1962 included: Cesar Chavez
The internet originated in the united states from defense department efforts to streamline communication with scientists at universities and laboratories during the 1960s
Which us presidents also served as presidents of the american historial association? Theodore roosevelt and Dwight d. esenhower
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