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9th Grade Chapter 3

Early Civilizations in India and China

These two rivers influenced the Indian Civilization. Indus and Ganges River
Had well planned cities. This civilization disappeared without a trace and was only rediscovered in 1922. Indus Valley Civilization
During this age the Aryans changed from nomads to farmers. Vedic Age
A blend of Indian history, mythology, and religion. Mahabharata
An idea behind the dynastic cycle. Mandate of Heaven
The term describing the rise and fall of dynasties. Dynastic Cycle
This was difficult to learn because it used thousands of characters. Chinese System of Writing
Has a well-organized government. Mohenjo-Daro
What caused the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization? Ecological or nature disaster.
Was nicknamed the "river of sorrows" becuse it flooded and destroyed crops. Huang He River
Local lords exercised great power under _____. Feudalism
Was first achieved by the Chinese. Silkmaking
A large land mass that juts from a continent. Subcontinent
Aryan tribal chief Rajah
A social group into which people are born and from which they cannot change. Caste
Fine windblown yellow soil. Loess
A group of famlies who claim a common ancestor. Clan
A single spiritual power that resides in all things. Brahman
Devotes his or her life to seeking spiritual truth. Mystic
An artistic form of handwriting down with ink and a brush. Calligraphy
The term for a sign that expresses a thought or an idea. Ideography
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