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9th Grade Chapter 2

First Civilizations: Africa and Asia

Used to keep records that lead to the development of ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics
Sumer was made up of these? Independent city-states
A poem recounting the adventures of a Sumerian hero. Epic of Gilagamesh
The first major collection of laws. Code of Hammurabi
Geographic feature that had the greatest influence on ancient Egypt. The Nile River
Peasant farmers were the biggest population in Egyptian society. Egyptian Social class
Believed in life after death. Viewed their pharaohs as gods. Egytpian Religion
Triangular area of marshland formed by deposits of silt at the mouth of some rivers. Delta
Believed in one God. Montheistic
Governor of a province of a Persian empire. Satrap
The pyramid-shaped temple built by the Sumerians. Ziggurat
Using the stone, Jean Champollion unlocked the meanings of many hieroglyphic symbols. Rosetta Stone
Believed the after life was a grim place from which there was no escape. Sumerians Religion
Who unied the Hebrew tribe into a single nation? David
What is modern day name for Nubia? Sudan
What part of the body do Egyptians think that thought and reason come from? Heart
How did Sumerians view their rulers? As gods' chief servants.
Who developed iron-making? Hitties
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