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9th Grade Chapter 6

Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity

Person who suffers or dies for his or her beliefs Martyr
Foreign soldier who serves for pay. Mercenary
Savior sent by God. Messiah
Members of Roman landholding upper class. Patrician
Roman farmer, merchant, artisan, or trader. Senators in the Roman government represented the rights of the plebeians. Plebeian
Bridge-like stone structure that brought water from the hills to cities. Aqueduct
A belief that is contrary to official church teachings. Heresy
Basic unit of Roman army. Legion
Government in which officials are chosen by the people Republic
Small religious group. Sect
Romans tolerated the ____ religion. Jews'
Jesus’ mission bring spiritual salvation to believers.
When did the Pax Romana end? After the death of Marcus Aurelius.
What caused the “fall” of Rome? Germanic invasions, corrupt officials, and heavy taxes.
Who tried to restore order to the Roman Empire? Diocletian
Who tried to restore order to the Roman Empire, and made Constantinople the center of power for the Roman Empire. Constantine
What was the Ancient Romans’ most significant contribution? Laws
What was an immediate result of the fall of the Roman Empire? a period of disorder and weak central government.
What was a major contribution of the Roman Empire to Western society? Concepts of government by laws and an effective legal system.
What was a major effect of the decline of the Roman Empire? Entering a period of chaos and disorder.
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