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9th Grade Chapter 7

Civilizations of the Americas

Igloo a dome-shaped home made of snow
Kiva a large underground chamber used for religious ceremonies
Potlatch ceremonies where a wealthy host distributes gifts to the guests
Quipu knotted colored strings used for keeping records
Tribute tribute or payment for conquered peoples
Who were the earliest people who migrated to the Americas? Asians
Where did the first American civilization emerge? In the tropical forest along the Mexican Gulf Coast
The Incan Road System armies and news moved rapidly
Incan Chosen Women had to make elaborate clothing worn by Sapa Inca and they served the Sun God
Mayan advancements The Mayans made a solar calendar to hold religious ceremonies at the correct moment. They created a number system and a hieroglyphics writing system.
Mayan Government each Mayan city had its own ruling chief
What did the Incas build? built the road system
What were some farming methods of the Mayas? Mayan farmers cleared dense rain forests. They built raised fields that caught and held rain water and built channels that could drain excess water.
Aztec Government a council chose the Emperor
How did the Incas unite their empire? By imposing their language and religion on the people they conquered.
How did the Incas regulate society? . Government officials arranged marriages to ensure that young men and women settled down
Lived in cliff dwellings that protected them from raiders Anasazis
Housing in the Northwest Coast large villages with homes of wood
Only men sat on the council of the Iroquois League Iroquois League
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