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9th Grade Chapter 9

The High Middle Ages

Scholasticism A method of study that uses reason to support Christian beliefs.
Common law law that is the same for all people.
Vernacular Everyday language of ordinary people.
Theology The study of religion.
Crusades Holy war
What was a result of the Crusades? increased trade in Western Europe. Furthered cultural diffusion.
What was the importance of the Magna Carta? "great charter" it took away power from the monarchs to give to the people. Monarchs must obey the law.
Concordat of Worms a treaty that ended the struggle between emperors and popes over investitures (who gets to pick the next bishop).
Chief goal of the Crusades to conquer the holy land
Reconquista the campaign to drive the Muslims out of Spain
Results of the plague in Europe economic decline
What was a major conflict between the Holy Roman emperors and the popes? who would pick the next bishop
Key features of Gothic architecture flying buttresses
Why is Joan of Arc remembered? She lead the French to victories against the English in the Hundred Years' War.
Manorialism economic system existed in Europe during the early Middle Ages.
What caused the growth of feudalism in Europe during the Middle Ages? collapse of a strong central government
What is a characteristics of Feudalism? Land was exchanged for military service and obligations.
How are Feudal societies characterized? social order
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