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U.S History 11

Second Sememster

Why did United Navy Commodor George Dewey lead an attack on ships in the Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War? Manila Bay was ruled by Spain, and the ships belonged to the Spanish
The "Rough Riders" were ... a volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish-American War
When did the United States grant independence to the Philippines? in 1946, when the islands were liberated from Japanese occupation during WWII
President Roosevelt sent troops to support Panamanian rebels in the fight against Colombia so that ... the U.S could get the rights to build a canal in Panama at a lower price
The U.S wanted over seas territories because the territories had.. customers who would buy U.S products
Why did journalist call the Alaska purchase of 1867 "Seward's Folly" they wondered why the U.S would want a vast tundra of snow and ice far from the continental borders
Social Darwinisn is the theory that life consists of competitive struggles in which only the strong survive
Spain gave the U.S full control of the Philippines when.. the U.S paid $20 million, as set out in the Treaty of Paris
How did militarism contribute to increased imperialism? a strong military helped imperial powers protect their global interests
Why might the closing of the frontier have encouraged American Imperialism? Discontented Americans sought a new territory in which to try their luck
What tactic did Filipino insurgents use to undermine American power? Guerilla Warfare
Roosevelt's "big stick" diplomacy is about... it depended on a strong military to achieve Americans goal
How did the U.S get access to the Canal Zone in Panama? The U.S military took control of the area by using money and investments
"Moral diplomacy" means that the U.S government should.. favor honorable diplomacy, but may still resort to military intervention
Which diplomatic style most promoted military action? big stick
What was one result of "moral diplomacy" American imperialism and conquest decreased
Social Darwinist believed that.. the best counry would win any international competition
The Triple Alliance nations were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Why did more women join the National American Woman Suffrage Association? began to support the war objectives of the united states
Which organization specifically promoted support for the war among the American people? the Committee on Public Information
One reason for the German surrender in 1918... many German soldiers were no longer willing to fight
Convoys were used to.. prevent submarine attacks on ships
What hastened the entry of the U.S in WWI? the Zimmerman Note
How did WWI change the lives of American Woman? it broadened job opportunities for women
What major event shocked the american People and led Wilson to no longer call for peace? Zimmerman Note exposed
What was the result of the U.S senate's refusal to approve the Treaty of Versailles? LON was ineffective
What international event led to the Red Scare? a revolution in Russia
Which nation was the world's economic leader after WWI? the U.S
IN 1920, American voters elected a President who promised... a return to simpler times
The postwar period was difficult for farmers because of... falling food prices
Woman's efforts and sacrifices during WWI led to U.S gov't support for which reform? universal suffrage
How did Prohibition contribute to the growth of organized crime? by making it easier for bootleggers to branch into other types of illegal activities
In 1933, congress repealed prohibition with the... 21st Amendment
In towns such as NY, Chicago and Cleveland blacks were emerged into... middle and upper classes
What was a major result of Henry Ford's innovative manufacturing techniques? Fewer Americans had jobs
The demand of automobiles in the 1920's... stimulated growth in man other industries
Buying stock on margin remained profitable as long as... stock prices rose
During the 1920's, American farmers as a group... commanded high prices for their products
President Coolidge believed that the creation of wealth... benefited the nation as a whole
At its heart, the Scopes Trial was a clash between... religion and science
How was Henry Ford able to reduce the sale price of the Model T? He studied the techniques of Chicago meatpacking houses and used their same processes
What was the major difference between urban and rural lifestyles in the 1920s? Urban Americans had more free time
The American movie industry was controlled by a handful of huge studios in.. Hollywood, Cali
The "New Woman" of 1920's... rejected Victorian morality
How did the consumers economy of the 1920s affect the lives of women? it made life easier for urban women
Why did so many African Americans migrate north throughout the 1920s? for a chance at a better future
The literature of the Harlem Renaissance... explored the pains and joys of being black in America
The sense of group identity created by the Harlem Renaissance formed a basis for later progress for blacks in America
Where had most African Americans in 1920s Harlem come from? they had moved there form the south and the Caribbean
Why is Louis Armstrong considered a jazz legend? for his ability to play the trumpet and his subtle sense of improvisation
Not all women wanted to be flappers, but many wanted to challenge political, economic, social and educational boundaries.. True or False? True
Which group experienced an early depression in the 1920s? Farmers
In 1929, the stock market crashed because.. depositors lost their investments and tried to withdraw all the savings from banks
Which factor contributed to the spread of the Great Depression overseas? The U.S curtailed investment to europe
What even occurred on Black Tuesday? Investors sold more than 16 million shares of stalk
Why did so many banks collapse at the beginning of the great depression? Too many depositors tried to with draw their money all at once
At the onset of the great depression, urban unemployment... increased dramatically
which of these factors contributed to the plight of rural farmers? falling prices for crops and live stock
the unemployment rate among African Americans was.. nearly double the national rate
some Americans blamed the great depression on.. capitalism
why did many Americans decide that the country needed new leader ship in 1932? President hoover's volunteerism and trickle-down economic policies had failed
What was the destination of most Dust Bowl migrants? cities to find work
Why were banks one of the first institutions to feel the effects of the stock market crash? people began to lose confidence in the economy and frightened depositors began to remove their money from banks
Both African Americans and Mexican Americans had an especially difficult time during the Great Depression because they.. faced discrimination when competing with white Americans for a limited number of jobs
Why did bonus army on WA D.C? President Hoover vetoed a bill providing for early payment of bonuses
what did Roosevelt and congress pass the day after FDR's inauguration? Emergency Banking Bill
Roosevelt created the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate the stock market
what did congress do to deal with the banking crisis? pass the Emergency Banking Bill
What were the goals of the New Deal? provide relief, recovery, and reform
Some opponents of the New Deal believed that if.. threatened individual freedom
The Agricultural Adjustment Act Helped farmers because it.. sought to end overproduction and raise crop prices
what did president Roosevelt introduce to help retirees? Works Progress Administration
The Rural Electrification Administration provided electricity to.. farmers
Members of the ______ participated in a sit down strike until General Motors agreed to recognize them UAW (idek...)
Eleanor Roosevelt showed her support to minorities when she.. sat with black delegates as a conference
How many terms did Roosevelt serve as president? 4 terms (by elected)
who was a top swing musician? Glenn Miller
One way that Americans escaped their concerns during the 1930's was to.. go to movie theaters.
"The Lone Ranger" and "The Shadow" are examples of... radio series
what radio drama was so realistic some people thought aliens were invading earth? "War of the Worlds"
Why did Americans enjoy escapist films in the 1930s? Movies provided relief from the everyday problems of the Great Depression
The new Deal Coalition was a strong political force that.. Encouraged African Americans to vote for republicans
Civilian Conservation help extended jobs for what group of people? to Mexican Americans and other minority youth
Critics disapproved the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) because it ... gave government direct control of a business outside of the Tennessee Valley
People turned to radio and movies in the 1930s to.. escape their troubles (dur)
How did the Great depression eventually change Germany Politically? Germans eventually believed hat Hitler would solve their economic problems
The neutrality act of 1939 allowed nations at war to buy arms and others supplies from the U.S as along as those nations... paid cash and transported the materials themselves
What goal did President Roosevelt hope to achieve when he enacted the embargo on naval and aviation supplies in 1940? to stop Japanese expansion
Italy and Japan were dissatisfied with the peace settlements provide int he Treaty of Versailles because both countries expected more.. territory in exchange for their sacrifices during WWI
Which political party rose to power in Germany during the 1930? The Nazi Party
The LON did not prevent German and Italian aggression against other nations because it.. had no standing army and no real power to enforce it's decree
Why did the United states intially follow a policy of appeasement toward Germany? the U.S wanted to focus on it's own economic troubles
who appeared to be winning the war in Europe at the end of 1940s? Germany and Italy
the Japanese attacked pearl harbor because they wanted to.. destroy ships and plains that threatened their expansion efforts
How did the attack on Pearl harbor change the political divisions between the isolationist and interventionist? the attack ended the political division
After the U.S declared war, the nation's economic situation.. improved.. (o-o)
Mussolini was the founder of the Fascist Party. True or False? True
Japanese Americans generally faced more restrictions than Italian or German Americans during WWII because they... were more isolated from other Americans
President Truman's Chief priority in using the atomic bomb against Japan was to.. save American lives
Which group did Nazi ideology consider superior to other people? Aryans
Britain, France, and Spain began to seek new territories was a result of WWII. True or False? False. Colonial people renewed their drive fro independence from European powers was a result of WWII
How did wartime pressures create a break from the past? Many women took jobs that were outside the traditional realm of woman's work
During WWII, many African Americans .. joined organizations dedicated to fighting segregation
How did population shifts change Americans life during the war? the southwest became a growing cultural, social, economic, and political force
Executive order 9066 affected civil liberties in the U.S because.. designated war zones from which anyone would be removed
What was one effect of the D-Day invasion? the allies took an important step towards reaching Berlin
A american forces approached Japan, Jap forces.. fought to the end, preferring to kill themselves rather than surrender
Hitlers economic persecution of jews in Germany involved... barring jews from working into civil service
What was Hitler's "final solution"? a plan to exterminate all jews living in Third Reich controlled regions
how did japs change politically after WWII? a new constitution enacted democratic reforms
which two nations emerged as the strongest following WWII Soviet Union and U.S
In the years closely following WWII, many african americans.. renewed their efforts to work for civil rights
what was an effect that WWII had on american women the ware accelerated a trend towards white-collar employment for women
when did U.S stockpiles of strategic nuclear weapons begin to decline in the U.S? the mid 1990's
One goal of Marshall Plan was to.. make european countries strong enough to start buying american goods
in order to try to gain control over West Berlin, the Soviet Union set a total blockade cutting off that section of the city
NATO and the Warsaw Pact were examples of.. military alliances made for "collective security"
in 1950, what event began the conflict on the korean peninsula? the N.Korean army invaded the south of the 38th parallel.
General MacArthur chose what port city for a counter attack against N.Korea? Inchon
How did American public view General MacArthur after President Truman fired him? they still saw him as a hero
the CIA participated int he Cold war by... spying on Soviet Union
what was one place on globe where cold war was "hot" and U.S soldiers fought and died? Korea
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged, convicted and executed specifically for.. passing secrets about nuclear science to the Soviets
Where did Senator McCarthy first announced that the State Department was infested with communists? at a campaign rally
What was the Eisenhower doctrine the U.S would use force to help any middle eastern nation threatened by communism
What was HUAC responsible for? hold hearings about communist ties to the entertainment industry
What was a result of the Hollywood Ten trial? movie executives blacklisted entertainers with alleged communist ties after the hearings
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