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S.S Final

Where were the people tired of "Taxation without Representation" from britian? The Thirteen Colonies
What was the war called? The American War of Independence
What were the people called that wanted to remain under British rule? Loyalists
What colony did they move into? Nova Scotia
When they got a new colony for themselves, what was it called? It was called New Brunswick
Who were the Black Loyalists? They were slaves that were bribed with "Freedom and a Farm" but they were given poor farmland that the BNA citizens didn't want.
Where did the Black Loyalists move? Sierra Leone
What First Nation group fought with BNA? Why did they do this? The Haudenosaunee fought with BNA and they did this so that they would be included in the land treaties. They were granted Grand River through this
Who was the Haudenosaunee leader? Thayendanegea
What group of people didn't fight in the American War of Independence because of there religion? German Mennonites
What two countries were fighting against each other in the War of 1812 BNA and U.S
Where was the parliament building that was burnt down by U.S troops? York (modern day Toronto)
What did our people burn down? We burnt down the U.S's presidential mansion
Who joined BNA in the war? Did they do it really to help? Chief Tecumsah joined the fight only to improve his peoples situation.
What was the majority of the people migrating? They were mostly english speaking.
Why did this make the French worried? The amount go English people was increasing and the number of French people was declining
What caused the Great Migration in the 1800's? The industrial revolution.
What was another factor in the Great Migration? A potato famine in Ireland
What was brought to BNA with the Great Migration that resulted in a lot of deaths a cholera epidemic
What obstacle was Quebec facing at this time? Crop Failures!!!
Someone was frustrated with the government of upper and lower canada. Who and when? Papineau was in the 1830's
Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada? Sir John A. MacDonald
Who were the other 3 confederation leaders? - Brown -Cartier - Tachè
The first 4 provinces of Canada were: - Ontario - Quebec - New Brunswick - Nova Scotia
What government system did Canada put it place so that there were things that only had to do with a province or the entire country. Provincial government and Federal government
Since Ontario and Quebec had the same number of seats in parliament, voting would be very difficult because political dead locks happened often. How did confederation fix this? They made sure the number of votes each side got corresponded to there population of that province
Why did Quebec want to join confederation? To protect there religion and language
Canada got rid of the seigneurial system. This meant what? That a French Canadian citizen could own land and not have to pay rent to a landlord
Define coalition. How does it tie in to confederation? Coalition is when a group of people or different parties come together and share the same idea or goal. That is exactly what happened to form confederation.
What were the 2 main european nationalities that were represented through confederation French an English
What were the Maritimes bribed to join confederation? - Payed off debt - Roads, railways and bridges - Income from trade
What was PEI bribed? Farmland and a year round ferry service
Why were the Maritimes afraid to join confederation? Since they had a small population, they didn't want to loose there independence. Also, taxes would be increased.
What was the last province to join confederation? Newfoundland
What was the Metis way of life centred around? Buffalo
Who was the most famous Metis leader? What 3 languages did he speak? Louis Riel spoke English, French and Cree
Where did the Metis people originally live? Red River
Why did the Canada want to buy Rupert's Land and the Northwest Territories so fast? They were afraid that the U.S might take it first
The Canadian Government bought Rupert's Land from the HBC and started sending surveyors to mark out land tracts. Why was this a problem for the Metis? They were already living there and the surveyors acted as if they didn't even exist
Where did the Metis take a stand? At Fort Garry
What type of government did they set up there? A provisional government
Who did they elect there president? Louis Riel
What did the Metis and Canadian government negotiate? They negotiated the Manitoba Act.
What did this act state? What were some of the unfair catches? It made the province of Manitoba for the Metis people. And only Metis people could vote if they lived in Manitoba most of the year which would be very difficult if they were to still hunt buffalo.
Since this was a push factor, many of the Metis people moved where? West or to Montana
What were the Metis people given to exchange for land? Scrips
Where did the Metis go to rebuild there communities and farms? An area in Rupert's Land called South Branch
In what specific area did the 2nd Metis uprising take place? Batoche
What was the first Metis uprising where nobody died? The Red River Rebellion
What was the second Metis uprising where there was actual fighting an people died? The South Branch Uprising
Currently, which place in Canada has the highest number of Metis people? Alberta
What was created to make sure the settlement of the west happened peacefully? The Northwest Mounted Police
In what year did the Manitoba Act change? Why did it change? in 1890 it changed because the 50% of French Canadians in Manitoba had dropped to 10%!
In the early 20th century, what immigrants did Canada most desire? People from Britian
Where did most of the people that came to canada come from? Eastern Europe
Who started an advertising campaign to attract more people? Clifford Sifton
Who were discouraged from coming? French and Catholic people
What were the immigrants given for free? why did this boost the agriculture industry? Immigrants were given free land and it helped with agriculture because they would farm!
Building the railway encouraged what? Western migration
What issue did the Alberta and Saskatchewan act help? It helped decide that school systems in the west would be offered in both French and English
Where did most Ukrainian settlers end up? In Alberta and in Manitoba
Who did the majority of the work in the construction of the CPR Chinese workers
After the CPR was built, what did the chinese people do in B.C? They helped with the lumber and cannery industries
Why did the Canada set up a Head Tax for Asian immigrant? To discourage them from coming,
During the western expansion, what was canadas main industry Agriculture
Who was Canada's main trading partner? the U.S
What does the US charge on all imported good? A tariff. This make the US always better economically that canada
Why did Canada make Residential Schools for First Nations? To assimilate them into European culture
Who was the last recognize First Nations right to land? When did this happen? B.C. in 1998
Who is the First Nation politician in Canada? Elijah Harper
Where could the Missisauga people no longer live because they were pushed off the land? Indian Territory
When they decided that they would try farming, they asked for farm land from the government. What did the government give them? A rocky island called Manitoulan Island that was terrible for farming
Since the Missisauga people had no place to farm, what did the Haudenosaunee do? They decided to share there land that they had at Grand River
Who were not asked to participate in Confederation? First Nations
List the provinces in Canada according to when they joined Confederation. (Not including the first 4) Manitoba, BC, PEI, Alberta, Sample, Newfoundland
VOCAB!!!!!!! VOCAB!!!!!!!!
What does it mean to be in debt? to owe money!!!!
What is a refugee? A person who seeks protection in another country to escape danger in their own country
What is a genealogist? A person who researches family trees
Define lineage ancestry or a family tee line
What is a petition? To ask for something in a formal way
Define revolution a rapid, often violent change in a system of government
What is a republic? a system of government that does not have a monarch
What is a reserve? an area of land set aside by treaty for the use of a first nations
Define assimilation the process of becoming part of a different cultural group
What is demographic change? change in the characteristics of a population
Define conquest the british take over of New France in 1763 under which New France became the British colony of Quebec
what is a rebellion a challenge to the authority of a recognized government
define insurrection an attempt to overthrow an established government
What are arms? Weapons!!!
Who are reformers? someone who seeks to change established rule
What is colonial government? a government established in a colony and controlled by an imperial power
What is a democracy a system of government in which citizens elect those who rule them
What is an amnesty? a pardon
what does it mean to boycott to refuse something as a way to create pressure for change
what is tyranny of the majority? in a tyranny, one person or group of people holds power in a society and uses that power for there interests. The phrase tyranny of the majority draws a parallel between power held by a tyrant and power held by a majority in a democracy
define crop failurs damage or elimination of a food crop because of drought, insect damage or some other natural cause
What is cholera a contagious disease that causes intestinal problems and dehydration
define outspoken expressing an opinion clearly and directly
what is oppression unjust or unfair use of power
define self government government that does not answer to an imperial power
political deadlock (define) the inability to decide on a course of action because of a disagreement among equally powerful decision makers
guarantee a promise with legal backing
secure to get, to make sure of
Constitution the official set of rules about how a country in governed
jeopardize to threaten
World War 2 a global war that took place between 1939 and 1945
annexation takeover of a territory by another country
mercantilism a regulated economic system that made a country rich from its colonies
tariff an extra charge
public school a school whose funds come from "Public Money"
Great Depression the global economic slow down that occurred between 1929 and 1939
provisional government a temporary government formed when no other authority can establish legitimate control
coerce to force
confrere colleague
compromise a course of action that balances the conflicting priorities of many groups or sake holders
line drapers assistant a shop clerk, someone hired to wait on customers
land speculators people who buy up land with the intention of selling it to make a profit
freight to transport
collective identity the shared identity of a group of people, especially because of a shared language or culture
collective rights rights that protect the language and culture of groups within society
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