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History7 FinalReview

American Revolution

Leader of the Sons of Liberty Sam Adams
American who tried to sell West Point to the British Benedict Arnold
British General, "Gentleman Johnny," defeated in Battle of Saratoga John Burgoyne
First to sign the Declaration of Independence John Hancock
Patriot-"Give me Liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry
German mercenaries-helped British Hessians
Author of the Declaration of Independence and a president of the U.S. Thomas Jefferson
American Naval leader-"I have not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones
A Frenchman who assisted Americans during the war Marquis de Lafayette
People who supported England during the Revolution Loyalists (Tories)
Hired soldiers Mercenaries
Men who would be ready to defend America at a minute's notice Minutemen
Wrote, "Common Sense" urging patriots to Separate from England Thomas Paine
People who wanted the colonies to be free Patriots
Name for people who rebelled against English rule Rebels
Another name for British soldiers Redcoats
Made the famous ride that warned the Minutemen that "British are coming" Paul Revere
Trained Washington's troops at Valley Forge Baron von Steuben
General of the Continental Army and the first president of the U.S. George Washington
To refuse to buy products Boycott
A government organized boycott of goods Embargo
Men willing to serve in the army for a short time-not a career soldier Militia
Love and loyalty for one's country Patriotism
To sneak goods in or out of a country Smuggling
Tax on imported goods Tariff
Committing a crime against his country (Ex. Benedict Arnold) Treason
Colonists had to "quarter" British troops-provide a place to live and supplies Quartering Act
A tax-colonists had to buy stamps to put on items Stamp Act
A tax on tea-resulted in the Boston Tea Party Tea Act
War fought for independence from Britain American Revolution
Causes of the American Revolution "No taxation without representation"-England needed to pay the cost(debt)of the Seven Years War(French and Indian War)
Result of the American Revolution The colonies because independent-formed United States of America
Clash between British troops and Boston colonists-5 colonists killed Boston Massacre
Patriots protested the Tea Act-threw tea shipment into Boston Harbor Boston Tea Party
British tried to capture Adams and Hancock and gunpowder Battles at Lexington and Concord
Alerted the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord Paul Revere
Turning Point of the Revolution-France joins the Americans Battle of Saratoga
Baron von Steuben trains Washington's troops in European warfare Valley Forge
Benedict Arnold attempted to sell the plans for the fort on the Hudson River who ever controlled the Hudson River would probably win the war West Point
Last battle of the Revolution-Cornwallis surrenders Battle of Yorktown
Written document declaring the United States was free and independent from Britain-lists the reasons for independence Declaration of Independence
"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry
"No taxation without representation" James Otis
An organized means of keeping New England colonies informed by means of letters-later spread to all colonies Committee of Correspondence
Army of the Colonies (United States) Continental Army
A secret group organized in Boston to protest acts-Sam Adams Sons of Liberty
The western boundary of the U.S. as a result of the Treaty of 1782 (George Rogers Clark) The Mississippi River
Name of the Lewis and Clark expedition into the Louisiana Territory Corps of Discovery
Name given to men who wrote the U.S. Constitution Founding Fathers
Hero of the Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson
Author of the Star-Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
Explorers into the Louisiana Territory Lewis and Clark
Hero in the Battle of Lake Erie-War of 1812-"We have met the enemy and they are ours" Oliver Hazard Perry
Native American guide for Lewis and Clark during the exploration Sacajawea
President who purchased the Louisiana Territory Thomas Jefferson
The Louisiana Territory was purchased from Napoleon (France)
Explored the Louisiana Territory Lewis and Clark
Dates of Lewis and Clark's exploration 1803-1806
An all water route from Europe to Asia Northwest Passage
Area of the U.S. north and west of the Ohio River after the Revolution Northwest Territory
Forbidden the Northwest Territory Slavery
Slave that was with Lewis and Clark during the exploration York
Created by: ShefyP
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