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History7 FinalReview

American Colonies

A person who wanted to break with the Anglican Church Separatists
A person who worked for 3-7 years to pay his passage to the New World Indentured Servant
Separatist-people who started the Plymouth Colony Pilgrims
Separatists-Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans
He married Pocahontas and made peace with Powahatan Indians; brought the cash crop, tobacco, to the Jamestown Colony John Rolfe
Took control of Jamestown-He said: NO work, NO food John Smith
A teen learning a trade from a master craftsman Apprentice
Virginia Legislature-first representative government in America House of Burgesses
An economic system-colonies purpose is to benefit the mother country Mercantilism
Trade routes connecting the colonies, England, and Africa Triangular Trade
The Joint Stock Company that established colonies in North America Virginia Company
First permanent European(Spanish) settlement in the New World St.Augustine, Florida
First permanent English settlement in the New World Jamestown, Virginia
Another name for the Seven Years War between England and France fighting over the Ohio River Valley (furs and fertile land) French and Indian War
Two countries involved in the French and Indian War France and England (including the colonies)
Indians sided with this country France
This document ended the war and England got land from the Appalachian Mountains to Mississippi River Treaty of Paris-1763
An agreement (form of government) by the Pilgrims in Plymouth-needed because the Pilgrims landed north of the Virginia Company's land Mayflower Compact
Settlement at Jamestown, Virginia 1607
Settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts 1620
Exporting more than importing Favorable Balance of Trade
Created by: ShefyP
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