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MCAT Equations

What is the Atomic number? (Z) the number of protons
What is the Mass number? (A) the number of protons plus neutrons
What is the Atomic mass unit? 1.66* 10^23
What is the equation for energy (E)? E = hf (h=Planck's constant) (f=frequency)
What is Planck's constant? 6.626 * 10 ^ -34 J*s
What is the equation for the angular momentum of an electron? L=nh / 2pi (n=quantum number)
What is the equation for the energy of an electron? E= -Rh / N^2 (Rh = Rydberg constant=2.18 *10^-18 J/electron)
What is Rydbergs constant? 2.18*10^-18 J/electron
What is the equation for electromagnetic energy? E=hc / (wavelength) c=speed of light in vacuum(3*10^8 m/s) =wavelength of the radiation
What is the equation for the energy of an emitted photon? E=hc = -Rh [(1/n^2initial) - (1/n^2final)
What is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? It is impossible to simultaneously determine momentum and position of an electron
What is the principle Quantum number? (n) is the energy level and radius of an electrons orbilal
What is the Azmuthal Quantum number? (l) is the shape and number of subshells l=0-(n-1) 0=s 1=p 2=d 3=f
What is the Magnetic Quantum number? (m1) is the orbital within a subunit where an electron is likely to be found at a given moment in time m1= -l -> +l cant be l
What is the spin quantum number? (ms) is the spin orientation; can be -1/2 or +1/2
What is the atomic radius? 1/2 the distance between the centers of two atoms of that element touching each other
What is ionization energy (IE) energy required to remove an electron from a gaseous atom or ion
What is electronegativity? the attractive force taht an atom will exert on an electron in a chemical bond. it is the attraction for bonding electrons
What is the equation for formal charge? V-N nonbonding - 1/2 N bonding
How many bonds are in a trigonal planar arrangement? 3
How many bonds are in a tetrahedral arrangement? 4
How many bonds are in a trigonal bipyrimidal arrangement? 5
How many bonds are in a octahedral arrangement? 6
What are dispersion forces/London forces? They are short lived and rapidly shifting dipoles
What are dipole-dipole interactions? they occur when the positive region of one molecule is close to the negative region of another molecule
What is the molecular weight? It is the sum of atomic weights of all of the atoms in a molecule
What is the formula weight? It is the addition of atomic weights of constituent ions according to its empirical formula
What is Avagadros number? 6.022*10^23
What is the equation for gram equivalent weight? molar mass / n (protons, hydroxide ions, electrons, monovalent ions)
What is the equation for equivalents? mass of compound (g) / gram equivalent weight (g)
What is the equation for molarity? normality / n
What is normality? The measure of concentration = equivalents / liter
What is the empirical formula? It is the simplest whole number ratio of elements in a compound
What is a molecular formula? It is the exact number of atoms of each element in the compound
What is the equation for percent composition? (mass of X in formula / formula weight of compound) * 100
What is the equation for percent yield? (actual yield / theoretical yield) * 100
Created by: audrey90
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