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#2 final exam histor

part 2 of the study material

eduction in japan in post ww2 era: created knowlage, creative, flexible and lucrative work force
effect on major invention on peoples lives: car, telephone, and electricity helped make life easier
entertainment industry spread american popular culture
fascism's appeal fear of comunist reolution
first battle of the marne resulted in germany having to fight on two frounts
french goverment in late 1800's unstabble
fundimentalism in global conflicts led to overthrow of secular governments, caused political conflicts, resistance to religous restrictions
germany fourced to rethink role in international affairs in 1990's when east and west were reunited
germany took this gamble blockade would defete brittan before U.S. troops arrived
global developments negitive economic impact industries moved to developing nations
Mikhail gorbachev announced a "new thinking" in foreign affairs that stressed democracy
great war ignited by this assasignation of archduke franz fernidad
green revolution's negitive consequnse dangerous pesticides and fertilizers were introduced
guangxu and mutsuhito both tried to modernize their contry
hausa-fulani accustomed to strong central government
holocaust and "final solution" genocide that resulted from plan to kill all jews
imigration resons unstable political situation at home, prosperous econimies abroad
japan was diferent from germany and italy because ruled by militarists who keept the empire in power
japanese built an empire because japan was overcrowded, wanted rich european colinies in asia, invaded manchuria and wanted more chinese territory
latin american instablity caudillos grew wealthy, no experiance with democracy, lower classes keept from power
lend-lease act enriched the US. economy by selling arms to the allies
lincon's promisethat caused the southerners to suceed stop the spread of slavery
link between millitarism and imperialism contry gains colinies and its millitay grows to protect them
general MacArthur discharged because he tried to go over the presidents head
maji maji rebelion failed africans belived that majic water could protect them
manifest dynasty americans had right and duty to rule all of north america
mau maus and PLO simillar because both faught for liberation of their people
muhammad Ali's polocies peasants forced to grow cash crops instead of food
myanmar, Aleria and the philippines similar beacuse in late 1900s rulers refused to accept election results
nationalism in south west asia helped by break up of ottoman empire
nationalism triggered collapse of the soviet union
non-western ideas on the west growth of islam and buddhism, high value on meditation, dress and clothing adapted from other culters
opium war results treaty of nanjing signed ; china defeated gave up hong kong
panama canal in order to build this the US. aided panama's fight for independance
partition indian muslims had to relocate
philippine developement after independance helped by economic & political assistance from the USA
poland britan and france declared war after germany invaded this contry
poland's boarders after ww1 granted a corridor to the baltic sea
post-civil war economy war speeded up the pace for industrialism
Queen Liliuokalani overthrown by the americans because she wanted to restor power of naitive hawaiians
radio's impact allowed families to enjoy brodcasts of news, plays, music, and sports
Created by: chaqueta12