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Diagnostic Imaging

Thoracolumbar trauma

horizontal fracture through the spinous,laminae,pedicles,TVP and posterior vertebral body, extending to the endplate Chances or Seatbelt Fracture
what is the mechanism of injury for a Chances fracture? hyperflexion/distraction injury
what is the most common site for a Chance fracture? upper lumbar
Horizontal fracture through the body without endplate involved with interspinous ligament is torn Smith Fracture
what are difference between a compression fracture and a burst fracture? compression affects only one endplate.Burst fracture affects both endplates
what are the radiographic findings for a compression fracture? Wedge-shape body,step defect,zonal condensation and paraspinal deviation.
what are the radiographic findings for a burst fracture? widen interpedicular distance,enlarged body on axial plane and displaced paraspinal line
what does the anterior column consist of? ALL, anterior 2/3 of vertebral body and anterior aspect of disc.
what does the middle column consist of? PLL, posterior 1/3 of vertebral body,posterior aspect of disc.
what does the posterior column consist of? All the posterior structures.
what are the complications of a chest wall trauma? pneumothorax,pulmonary contusion,visceral rupture,aneurysm,cardiac bruising
what are the complications for a thoracolumbar trauma? visceral injury,neurological injury and unstable spine and altered biomechanics
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