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GIGA 10^9
MEGA 10^6
KILO 10^3
CENTI 10^-2
MILLI 10^-3
MICRO 10^-6
NANO 10^-9
PICO 10^-12
What should the resultant vector always be? head-to-head / tail-to-tail
vector times vector = vector V=V1V2sintheta
vector times vector = scalar V=V1V2costheta
Does instantaneous velocity = instantaneous speed? YES
Does average velocity = average speed? NO (avg. velocity must be less)
What creates acceleration? any change in velocity or direction
When there is constant "a", what else is there? Constant force
When there is no air resistance, what is the only force acting? gravitational
What is the ONLY force acting in projectile motion? gravity (only vertical motion changes)
Projectile: forces acting in horizontal/vertical no / yes
Projectile: "a" in horizontal/ vertical motion? no / yes (a = 9.8 m/s^2)
Projectile: velocity component in horizontal / vertical motion? constant / changing (by 9.8 m/s every second)
Why does horizontal velocity stay constant? force not required to keep object in motion (an object in motion stays in motion) force only required to maintain "a"
What does "a" mean for a projectile? vertical velocity changes 9.8 m/s every second
WHy does projectile continue to fall? inertia
Drop or throw horizontally, which lands first? Same time
What dictates flight time for projectile? vertical velocity
Path of projectile NOT experiencing air resistance is independent of what? mass of projectile
In Vacuum, do bowling ball and ping pong ball have same path if initial velocities are the same? Do they fall at same rate? both: yes!
Why is "a" constant no air resistance so force (weight) and mass are constant
What happens with "a" with air resistance? "a" decreases until it reaches 0 at terminal velocity --> at terminal velocity, weight = friction, so net force = 0, a = 0 note how this differs from constant "a" with no air resistance
Drop time trick drop time doubles, drop distance quadruples 1-5 2-20 4-80
Ratio of range: height for 30 degrees 6.7
Ratio of range: height for 45 degrees 4.0
Ratio of range: height for 60 degrees 2.4
Shortcut time to the top equation Voy/g (general)
Shortcut height at the top equation Voy^2/2g (general)
Shortcut range equation r=Vo^2sin2theta / g (initial and final heights must be the same)
Max height 90 degrees (h)
Maximum range (height too) 45 degrees (2h) / h/2
square root (3) / 2 0.86
square root (2) / 2 0.71
1/2 // square root (3) / 2 0.58
square root (3) / 2 // 0.50 1.73
When is object decelerating? velocity is opposite to acceleration
What does terminal velocity mean? Velocity is at its final value and won't change for the rest of the time
What is "a" for an object at terminal velocity? 0 (air resistance = weight)
For an object experiencing air resistance in free fall, does acceleration or velocity decrease? acceleration!
What effect does air resistance have on flight of ball launched horizontally? ball travels less distance / in flight for longer / experiences downward "a" that is less than "g"
What effect does air resistance have on flight of kicked football? range decreases / flight stays the same (ball reaches peak in shorter time but takes longer to come down than to go up --> cancels out)
How are force and "a" vectors related? "a" is always in direction of resultant force
What two degrees create the same range? 30 and 60
Ball shot at 30, 45, 60 degrees, which lands first? 30 degrees
Falling time is identical when _____ and ____ are the same. starting height and vertical speed
Speed is magnitude of total velocity and includes both ____. horizontal and velocity components
T / F: 2 spheres dropped from same height will have same final velocity no matter what. TRUE
T / F: 2 spheres dropped from same height will have same time no matter what FALSE --> depends on whether inclined plane or not
Terminal velocity is also? constant velocity
Formula for terminal velocity? v = sqrt(2gh)
Find average velocity? vavg = Vf + Vo / 2
3 major kinematic equations? Vf = Vo + at Vf^2 = Vo^2 + 2ax y = Vot +1/2at^2
How to find the range? d = horizontal velocity * time for entire flight
larger range = _____ height shorter
shorter range = ______ height higher
At the apex, is the speed or velocity = 0? NEITHER --> only y component of velocity = 0
Why do objects that fall from the same height have the same final velocity even with different launch angles? same potential energy --> KE transformation
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