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Chapter 10

chapter 10

Who called for the Crusades and why Pope Urban II To drive Seljuks out of Jeruslame
Who joined the Crusades Merchants, Nobles, YOunger sons of nobles,Knights, Peasants, Townspeople
Why did Merchants join To gain money through trade
Why did the younger sons of nobles join To gain estates in the holy land
Why did most people join to gain respect and prestige at home and to fight for their religion
What happened during the first Crusade Siege to Antioch and Syria Christians took Antioch Established 4 Crusader Kingdoms
What was a reason for the Crusader's early victories Lack of unity in Muslim groups, later they came together though
What happened during the 2nd Crusade? 5000 attacked Demascus- sent back to France Germans killed on way to holy land in Asia Minor Muslims attacked Edessa and conquered it Christians tried to retake Edessa and failed
What happened during the 3rd Crusade? Saladin took bac Jerusalem- Muslims Richard tried to take back Jeruslam and failed Richard and Saladin made a peace trity
Who was Saladin? He was a leader who united Muslims and the Leader of muslims
Who was Richard the Lionheart? Famous English crusading king
What happened in later Crusades poor people lead crusades, but failed
How did the Crusades end? Muslims got Acre
What happened during the Reconquista? Ferdinad and Isabella retook Spain from Umyyads Muslims fought Crusaders Umyyads broke into rivalry kingdoms
What is the Inquisition? Purefying Spain- Torture Interigation Death Roman Catholic court to make "pure catholic"
Who were sent to the inquistion? Jews Muslims and Christians who "didn't believe the right thing"
What was the fate of Muslims in F and I Spain? Muslims were unwelcome
Jews in F and I's Spain Jews= had to leave Spain or convert to Christianity
Created by: jms13
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