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marias french


lire read
dire say/tell
ecrire write
etre to be
aller to go
avoir to have
faire to do
sortir take out/to go
partir leave
dormir to sleep
savoir to know (a fact)
connaitre to know (a person)
vouloir to want
devoir to have
pouvoir to be able to
ranger tidy up
nettoyer clean
vider empty
debarasser clear off
mettre put/place
couper cut
laver wash
eplucher slice
essuyer wipe
balayer sweep
repasser push(back&forth)
presser iron
arroser water
tailler trim
tondre mow the lawn
promener walk
remplir fill
s'occuper de take care of
donner a manger a feed
faire le lit make the bed
faire le menage run errands
faire le vaisselle do the dishes
laver le linge do the laundry
travail work
propre clean
sale dirty
vitres window
fenetre window
corbeille waste basket
poubelle garbage can
ordures trash
table table
l'evier kitchen sink
lavabo bathroom sink
sol floor
plantes plants
fleurs flowers
l'herbe grass
pelouse lawn
arbustes bushes
eponge sponge
couteau knife
chiffon rag
aspirateur vaccum
balai broom
fer iron
tondeuse lawn mower
tuyau d'arrosage hose
secateur hedge clippers
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