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SS9 Chapter Nine

Crossroads chapter Nine

abandoned Women of the fur trade were sometimes_______by their fur-trader husbands
Arctic In his voyage of 1789, Alexander Mackenzie found a river route to the ____ Ocean
Assiniboia The name that Selkirk gave to his colony was____
beaver The basis of all economic transactions of the British fur-trading company was the ______ pelt
Bering Vitus ____ was an explorer employed by theTsar of Russia
brigades The big event at an HBC trading each year was the summer arrival of the fur ______
British In 1670, the______ founded a fur-trading company and named it the Hudson's Bay Company
British In 1821, the HBC and the NWC merged because of suggestions from the _____ government
China These greatest demand for the furs from the Northwest Coast came from ______
Cook On his third voyage, ___ proved the Northwest Passage did not exist
dressed Women of the fur trade did normally provided knowledge of Native customs, provided food and _____ furs
emperor The governor of Rupert's Land who was appointed after the Battle of Seven Oaks was known as the"little _____
Fraser When Simon Fraser travelled down the _____ River in 1808, he believed he was on the Columbia River
French The North West Company was the inheritor of the old _______ fur trade
fur Both the HBC and NWC sent out explorers primarily to find new ____ trading territory
guides The women of the fur trade were useful ____ ,links to Native culture, and essential for the success of the fur trade
Hudsons After the NWC and HBC merged, all furs were shipped via ______ Bay
imperialists The fur traders can best be described as economic _______
maitre The larger freight canoes used by the NWC were called canots de ______
Metis The Battle of Seven Oaks was a victory for the ______ Metis
Native Fur traders were not interested in changing the ____ peoples way of life
nord The smaller canoes used by the NWC were called canots du ______
Northwest European sea explorers who arrived on the ______ Coast found that Native peoples were powerful and dangerous
NWC The organization that employed Fraser, Mackenzie, and Thompson was the ____
otter The fur that formed the basis of the maritime fur trade came from the sea ____
Pacific In 1789, Alexander Mackenzie was ordered to explore and find a river route to the _____ Ocean
peas Galette, pemmican,and dried _____ were all part of the voyageur diet
pemmican Conflict in the Red River Colony arose because the governor forbade the export of _______ from the area
pemmican The Red River Colony was troubled by a conflict over ____
Perez In 1774, Spanish explorer Juan____ was unable to do any mapping because his ship was too large to approach shore
posts The fur-trading company established by Britain established a policy to have Native traders travel to company trading_______
Ruperts After receiving thick pelts of fur, King Charles IIIt consisted of all lands drained by rivers flowing into Hudson Bay claimed a territory which he named _______ Land
Scottish Lord Selkirk's purpose in creating the Red River Colony was to establish a settlement for poor ____ farmers
scurvy Captain James Cook prevented which disease by giving his crews sauerkraut? Selkirk
Seven The Battle of _____ Oaks was fought between the Metis and the Selkirk settlers
Simpson After the Battle of Seven Oaks, the new governor of Rupert's Land was George ______
Spain The British negotiated for control of the Northwest Coast with _____ Thompson
trading Life at an HBC____post can best be described as dull and boring
trading The _______methods of the North West Company were different from the HBC
traditions Trading at an HBC post was respectful of Native____
Upper In order to remove the Red River colonists, the NWC offered to resettle them in ____ Canada
Vancouver The navigator responsible for mapping the southern coast of British Columbia was _____
voyageurs The people who manned the NWC canoes were called ________
William In response to Battle of Seven Oaks, Lord Selkirk captured Fort ______
William The main inland NWC trading centre was Fort ______ wintering
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