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SS9 Chapter Eight

Crossroads chapter Eight

Abraham The British won control of New France in the Battle of the Plains of _________
Acadia The French possession, which came under British control in 1713, was ______
Acadians 1755, Britain expelled the ______ because they refused to sign loyalty oaths
Algonkian The Native group with whom Champlain first traded and made an alliance was the _________
Associates The Company of a Hundred ______ was required to establish farming settlements
Associates The Company of a Hundred _______ was ultimately a a business failure
beaver The pelts of which of the the _______ were the "rage" in Europe when Champlain was trying to raise money for trading ventures
Cartier The French explorer who discovered the St Lawrence River was __________
coureurs The parties of men that Champlain sent out to explore and live with the Native peoples were ________ de bois
defences In choosing his location for a second settlement, Champlain was looking for a site with natural ________
England France had its major territorial wars in North America with ______
England The Italian explorer John Cabot was employed by the king of _______
England The nation that attacked Champlain's colony and took Champlain prisoner was ______
European Native peoples trading with the French wanted _______ trade goods
explorers In addition to being fur traders, the coureurs de bois were also _______
fish The natural resource which first attracted Europeans to the east coast of North America was ________
France The average dimensions of a farm in New _____ was 150 metres x 2500 metres
French ______ commanders argued amongst themselves in the Seven Years' War
Frontenac The first Governor of New France was _____ fur
furs By the end of the sixteenth century, France had developed a trade with its colony in ______
government In 1661, New France came under the direct control of the French _________
Habitants ______ often cooperated on joint projects, were fairly well off in terms of nutrition, and enjoyed music and story-telling
hats The most popular pelt in the early fur trade in New France was prized most when made into ______
home Colonies could trade only with their _____ country
Hurons As they explored inland, the French traded with and made an alliance with the ______
Hurons Geographical location, and a primarily agricultural economy, helped to make the ______ the enemies of the Iroquois
Intendant The government official in New France who improved the base for economic activities was the _______
Iroquois The Native group most hostile to the Hurons was the ____
Jesuit _______ missionaries were the partners of the Company of a Hundred Associates
kidnapped On his second voyage, Jacques Cartier _______ Iroquois people
killed In the final battle of the Seven Years' War, the French and British commanders were ______ in battle
languages One of the most difficult tasks the Jesuits faced was to learn native ________
Louisbourg The French built a fortress on Cape Breton Island and named it ______
Mercantilism ________ is an economic theory that states a nation's prime objective is to accumulate wealth
missionaries In addition to pursuing fur trading activities, the French sent _______
monopoly Champlain and the French wanted to have a _____ in the fur trade
Newfoundland John Cabot expected to find Japan or China on his explorations, but instead landed in _________
Passage In the 15`h century, European explorers were first attracted to North America because they were looking for a Northwest _________
quartz On his third voyage, Cartier returned to France with "diamonds and gold " He had actually found _______ and iron pyrites
Quebec The British attacked which French stronghold in 1759?
Quebec The second post founded by Champlain was _____
Radisson Perhaps the most famous of the coureurs de bois were _________and de Groseilliers
Royal The location of the first settlement in New France was Port _______
scurvy When wintering at Stadacona, French sailors died of ________
seigneur To build a flour mill, to provide settlers, and to farm the land were duties of a________
seigneurial The ________ system was the system of land tenure in New France
Seven France fought Britain in a final war over North America in the _____ Years' War
sugar In the Triangle trade, rum and ______ was a contribution of the Caribbean
Talon Jean _____ wanted New France to become more self-sufficient
taxes The farmers of New France, or habitants, paid lower ______ than peasants in France
third After Cartier's ______ voyage, the French abandoned colonization for over a half century
Triangle Fish and fish oil, timber and barrel staves were products that were in the ______ trade, from New France to the Caribbean
Vikings The European group that first arrived in North American was the ______
wealth For the French, the purpose of a colony was to be a source of ______
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