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SS9 Chapter One

Crossroads chapter One

Telescope Galileo used the discoveries in his scientific discoveries.
Americas Nutrition in Europe improved after 1600 because of new food crops from the _____.
anatomist person who studies anatomy by such methods as dissecting dead bodies.
Bacon The scientist who developed the scientific method was Francis ____ .
Catholics Until 1517 all European Christians had been Roman _______.
Copernicus The astronomer who first challenged the medieval view of the heavens was ______ .
courtier attendant at monarchs court.
empire group of states or territories controlled by one country.
Empires By 1700 European countries had developed overseas _______ .
humanism The new philosophy of the Renaissance was called _______ .
humanist system or mode of thought in which human interests dominate.
Kings During the 16th and 17th centuries _______reduced the power of the nobility- began to use professional armies and began to employ professional civil servants.
life Renaissance writers began to concentrate on everyday ____?
tenant person who pays rent to a landlord for the use of land.
Vernacular the everyday language of people.
worse After 1517 religious disputes in Europe made political disputes _________
living After 1500 conditions for many Europeans improved because trade increased- serfs became landowners and towns grew in size and economic power.
Middle Ages Time period in European history from about 500 A.D. to about 1500 A.D.(two words)
philosophy pursuit of the principles underlying all knowledge;pursuit of wisdom.
political As a result of the Reformation kings saw themselves as both ____ and religious leaders.
printing The ________ press helped to spread new ideas in the Renaissance.
protestant Christian group that separated from the Roman Catholic Church.
Reformation Religious movement in Europe in the in the 16th century to reform the Catholic Church.
Reformation The period in which challenges to the Catholic Church took place was called the ___.
Renaissance a time of great revival or rebirth.
Renaissance Historians of which period were the first to distinguish different eras in history?
serf person attached to lords land and required to give services to him.
technologies Scientific developments were dependent on new _____ .
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