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Chapter Nine SS10

Horizons Chapter Nine

Which sectors of the British Columbian economy are not growing in the early 21st century? mining and forestry
Which of the following is most likely to affect the British Columbian economy? changing global commodity prices
Which sector of the British Columbian economy employed the most workers in 2007? services
“Service industries, tourism, forestry, trade, agriculture, and manufacturing” describes which economic region of British Columbia? Vancouver Island/Coast
“Forestry, mining, agriculture, trade and manufacturing” describes which economic region of British Columbia? Cariboo
“Forestry, some mining, and tourism” describes which economic region of British Columbia? Nechako
“Forestry, commercial fishing, mining, mineral exploration, smelting, and pulp milling” describes which economic region of British Columbia? North Coast
“Forestry, mining, agriculture, and tourism” describes which economic region of British Columbia? Thompson-Okanagan
“Coal mining, mining and smelting, farming, logging, and tourism” describes which economic region of British Columbia? Kootenay
Which of the following is considered a non-renewable resource? oil reserves in the North East
Which of the following is considered a renewable resource? fish stocks off Haida Gwaii
Sustainability seeks a balance between a sound economy and a concern for the environment
Stewardship means environmental resources are managed with a goal of sustaining these resources
The mainstay of British Columbia’s exports is forest products
Allowable Annual Cut means all trees cut must be replaced by new growth
Amount of British Columbia’s land area set aside for parks in 1992 12%
In response to protests about their practices, British Columbian forest companies are moving toward which harvesting method? selective logging
Which of the following is not an advantage of clear-cutting? it is environmentally friendly
Which of the following is not an advantage of selective logging? it is a safer and less expensive method
Which of the following makes economic sense in preserving old- growth forests? they capture atmospheric carbon,they protect endangered species and they provide recreational opportunities
According to the government, what percentage of logs harvested in British Columbia are processed in British Columbia? 95%
Opponents of the export of raw logs believe that exporting logs means exporting jobs,nearly 20 000 jobs have been lost through this practice and many companies take advantage of government regulations to export logs.
The mountain pine beetle infestation is expected to kill how much of British Columbia’s interior pine forests? 80%
A problem resulting from the mountain pine beetle infestation is that there is a potential for forest fires due to dry, dead trees and that it will take decades to regenerate forests.
Which type of fish represented 55% of the total value of British Columbia’s fish catch in 1990? salmon
By 2005, salmon had dropped to what percentage of the total fish catch? just 10%
Which other industry has a major negative impact on salmon spawning? forestry
Which of the following has played a role in reducing salmon stocks? habitat destruction,spawning area destruction and overfishing.
Which other fish type has suffered a severe collapse? eulachon
International conservation of salmon is difficult because too many different governments must approve any agreement
Fish farming contributes jobs to the economy,and can lead to disease outbreaks in wild fish stocks
Which of the following is not cited as a negative impact of fish farming? the fact that farmed fish drive down the price of “wild” fish
Which of the following is the major use of British Columbia’s water resources? drinking water
Recently, BC Hydro has committed itself to the building of environmentally friendly “min-hydro” projects
The biggest problem affecting the Fraser River today is pollution from a variety of sources
The Fraser River has never been dammed because the Fraser River is a major salmon spawning route
The bulk export of fresh water from British Columbia is regulated by the British Columbian government
The total amount of British Columbia’s land surface which is potentially suitable for agriculture is 15%
In order to protect farmland in British Columbia, the government created the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)
Under the Agricultural Land Reserve, which of the following is not permitted? building housing
The greatest pressure on agricultural land comes from urbanization
Because of urbanization, the amount of land in the Agricultural Land Reserve has declined
If a golf course is built on land in the Agricultural Land Reserve the land remains in the Agricultural Land Reserve
A non-renewable resource once used, cannot be replaced,can be reused through recycling and must be conserved if it is to last
Open-pit mines have which advantage over traditional mines? they are safer for miners
A major environmental problem, especially from abandoned mines, is acid rock drainage
Mine tailings damage the environment by producing acid rock drainage
In order to cut greenhouse gas emissions, in 2008 the British Columbian government introduced a carbon tax
A new, controversial power resource is Coalbed Methane Gas (CBG)
Offshore oil and gas development in British Columbia has been banned since 1972
In British Columbia, approximately how many people are employed in a service industry job? 4 of 5
The high-tech sector makes up about 6% of British Columbia’s economy. It employs more people than forestry and mining combined
The largest part of the high-tech sector is computer service
Which of the following is not an example of a cultural tourist destination? The West Coast Trail
Tourism was established as an industry in British Columbia with the completion of the CPR
Which of the following is a reason American film companies make extensive use of British Columbia? full range of production facilities, wide variety of landscapes and the mild climate
Film production can be considered to be an ideal form of economic growth because it is labour intensive,it is relatively non-polluting and it increases foreign investment
The Georgia Basin is British Columbia’s smallest region,is home to 75% of British Columbia’s population and faces severe pollution problems
The Georgia Basin faces a potential population growth of 40% in the next 20 years
Other Coast Salish communities have objected to the Tsawwassen Treaty because of overlapping land claims
Created by: kstokowski
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