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Chapter Eight SS10

Horizons Chapter Eight

SERVICES Urbanization is self-perpetuating because rural _____ are cut back as people leave.
REGIONAL The term ____ disparity refers to the fact that, in Canada, levels of income vary from region to region.
MARITIMES A region in Canada that suffers from regional disparity is the ____
THREE Multinational businesses are those which are active in at least ____ nations.
GLOBALIZATION The term globalization refers to the trend towards interdependent national economies.
COSTS Reorganization and restructuring of large businesses is done primarily to lower operating costs___.
FRICTIONAL The term _____ unemployment refers to temporary unemployment.
CYCLICAL The term ____ unemployment refers to seasonal unemployment.
STRUCTURAL The term ____ unemployment refers to unemployment that is possibly permanent.
EDUCATION Most new jobs will require high levels of skills and ____.
BETTER New automobile production techniques have resulted in cars that are better quality. New automobile production techniques have resulted in cars that are ____ quality.
FEWER New automobile production techniques have resulted in _____ assembly-line jobs.
COMPUTER All employees in the new workplace will need to be______ literate.
WANTS Because resources can never match our needs and ____, we have scarcity.
CONSUMPTION The term ______refers to the use of goods and services.
DECREASES As price drops, the amount producers supply ____.
RISE As prices_____, demand decreases.
WINTER Winter clothing is offered at sale prices in late ________r.
MARKETING The term _______ refers to promoting the purchase of goods and services.
ECONOMIC The following are the three basic ____ questions?What goods and services should be produced?How should goods and services be produced?Who obtains the goods and services which are produced?
CAPITAL human-made goods is a ___ resource.
LAND Fish and water are examples of a ____ resources.
HUMAN Educators are an example of a ____resource.
PRIMARY Fish, logging and wool are examples from the___ economic sector.
MANUFACTURING Yarn, lumber, and furniture are examples from the primary ___ sector.
SECONDARY Fish sticks, furniture, and a sweater are examples from the ___ manufacturing sector.
TERTIARY Sales, marketing, and transport are examples of the ___ economic sector.
QUATERNARY Design, testing, and research are examples of the ___ economic sector.
DOMESTIC Gross ___ Product measures the market value of all goods and services produced in acountry in a period of time.
RECOVERY Which of the following sequences correctly represents the business cycle? slowdown ? recession ? ___ ? prosperity
FISH The commodity on which the Atlantic Region’s economy was first based was ___.
EDWARD Agriculture is important in which of the following Atlantic provinces? New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince___ Island
THIRDS At the time of Confederation, what proportion of Canada’s coal was produced on Cape Breton Island? two-___
SHIPBUILDING Which industry declined in the Atlantic Region in the late 19th century?
FISHING Which industry has collapsed in the Atlantic Region in the late 20th century?
GAS Which industry in the Atlantic Region shows promise for the next century? oil and ____
LAWRENCE Manufacturing is a major component of the economy of the Great Lakes–St. ___ Region?
BRANCH In Canada, a ___ plant is one which is owned by a company not based in Canada.
TARIFFS Branch plants are established so that companies can avoid ___
TECH A rapidly expanding economic sector in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region is the high-____ industry.
SHIELD The largest economic region in Canada by area is the ___ Region.
TOURISM Forestry, mining and ___ are important economic activities in the Shield Region.
TRAPPING The industry that dominated the Shield Region with European contact was __
FORESTRY ____ and mining are the major industries in the Shield Region today.
MARKET The effects of the business cycle are pronounced in the Shield Region because commodity prices are set by the world ___.
ONE ___-resource towns are economically vulnerable because the supply of the resource is limited.
DIVERSIFY In order to survive in the long term, resource towns have to ____ their economies.
MINING The most economically important industry in the North Region is the ___ industry.
DIAMONDS The newest resource to be exploited in the North Region is ___
NORTH The major barrier to development in the ___ Region is the fragile environment.
WHEAT The dominant crop in the Prairie Region in the early 20th century was ___
CROW In the Prairie Region, the ending the ___ Rate Benefit has led to diversification of farm crops.
PRAIRIE Wheat produced in the ___ Region had dropped in value in the 1990s.
PETROLEUM The major mineral resource in the Prairie Region is ___
CALGARY The new financial centre in the Prairie Region is ___
AMERICAN American equity investment in Canada was undertaken so that ___ companies could buy out and control Canadian businesses.
SECTORAL The Canada–US Auto Pact is an example of ___ free trade.
ASSEMBLER Critics of the Canada–US Auto Pact maintain that Canada’s role is that of an ___.
WRITTEN The three criteria for establishing Canadian content in the recording industry are
TWO In order to qualify as Canadian content, a recording has to fulfill how many of the three criteria?
SATELLITE The rapid development of cable and ___ channels has caused many Canadians to be concerned about a decline in viewers for Canadian television programs.
THIRTYFIVE As of 1998, Canadian radio stations must broadcast Canadian-content for what percentage of their air time?
SPECIALTY In the period from 1992 to 1998, Canadian viewing of which of the following has risen? ___ channel programming
TRUDEAU During the 1970s, the ___ government undertook to reduce American ownership of companies in Canada.
ENERGY In order to make Canada self-sufficient in its oil supply, the Trudeau government created the National ___ Program.
MULRONEY The government of Brian ___ dismantled or altered many of Trudeau’s programs of economic control.
FREE The Mulroney government’s negotiation of a ___ trade agreement with the US was ironic because Mulroney had originally strongly opposed free trade with the US.
AGREEMENT With the North American Free Trade ___, North America is becoming a trading bloc.
INCREASED Since the 1989 Canada–US Free Trade Agreement, Canadian exports to the US, as a percentage of all exports, have ___
CULTURAL Which of the following Canadian industries is exempt from the provisions of the Canada–US Free Trade Agreement?
US Manufacturing declined after the Canada-___ Free Trade Agreement came into effect.
TRADE In order to become a true trading bloc, member nations of the North American Free ___ Agreement would have to become a - customs union.
MEXICO A poor human rights record in ___,low labour costs , and low levels of environmental protection are problems with free trade with Mexico?
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