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Chapter Seven SS10

Horizons Chapter Seven

Schools Laurier's compromise on the Manitoba ____ Question did not offend English speakers in Manitoba by supporting the French.
imperialists Supporters of the British Empire were called
War Laurier?s decision on Canadian involvement in the Boer ____ was to send volunteers as part of the British Forces.
Germany The cause of the Naval Issue was a naval arms race between Britain and ____.
Issue The position of English Canada on the Naval ___ was that Canada should directly contribute ships or money to Britain.
French The position of ____ Canada on the Naval Issue was that Canada should not get involved.
English Laurier?s compromise solution on the Naval Issue angered both ____ and French Canada.
Dispute The cause of the Alaska Boundary ____ was that Canada needed direct access to the sea from the Yukon
Americans The result of the Commission on the Alaska Boundary Dispute was the new boundary favoured the _____.
international The Alaska Boundary Dispute proved that Canada was essentially powerless in _____ affairs.
Sifton The politician in charge of immigration in Laurier?s Cabinet was ___.
Best The slogan used by the Canadian government to attract immigrants to the prairies was Last___ West.
dryland The type of immigrants the Canadian government wanted to settle the prairies were ___ farmers.
assimilated American settlers in the West were most successful because they were easily ____.
labour Home Children sent to Canada were often used as a source of cheap ___.
push "Good land in the United States was no longer available,overpopulation in one?s homeland ,and the need to leave one?s homeland were all ?___? factors in immigration."
pull "Improvement in quality of life, opportunities in a new country, and rising grain prices were a ?___? factors in immigration."
sod Many homesteaders built their homes out of __.
half The CPR obtained what proportion of sections in a township? - nearly ___
quarter "A ____ section of land was free. Still, the homesteaders were required to raise at least $500 of their own money to start a farm."
CPR The reason for the building of two additional transcontinental rail lines in the early 20th century was dissatisfaction with the___ monopoly on railways.
Northern By the time the Grand Trunk Pacific and the Canadian ____ railways were finished both companies were government owned.
urban "By 1911, urbanization meant that less than 50% of the population lived in __ areas."
sanitation Tenements in Canada?s cities were crowded with poor ____.
Laurier The capitalists shared in the prosperity of the ____ Boom?
police "If a strike occurred in Canada before the First World War employers would confront the strikers with private ____, and the militia would be called out to force strikers back to work."
thirty "In 2007, approximately what percentage of Canadian workers was unionized? "
WalMart The retail chain which in modern times fought unionization of its workers was ___.
wage "The refusal of Dunsmuir to recognize unions, unsafe working conditions ,and ____ cuts ,led to strikes at the Dunsmuir coal mines on Vancouver Island."
strikebreakers "Faced with labour strife, Dunsmuir called in _____."
suffragists Women who demanded the vote for women were called _____.
alcohol Prohibition means the banning of the sale and consumption of_______.
crops Attempts by Aboriginal farmers to sell their_____ were sabotaged by government agents.
residential The policy which almost destroyed Aboriginal cultures was_______schools.
physically "At residential schools students were poorly fed, students were poorly fed,and students were often ______ and sexually abused."
justice Restorative _____ means focusing on healing relations between victims and the accused.
Potlatch An important North West Coast Aboriginal ceremony banned by the Canadian government in 1884 was the _____.
six "Aboriginal populations in Canada, according to the 2006 Census are growing ____ times as fast as the general population."
final The Nisga?a asked for a land treaty in 1887. The ____ treaty documents were signed in 2006.
Asia The region from which immigrants were not welcome was ____.
British "Many Canadians felt that immigrants took jobs away from many workers, and would force a decline in the nation's "____ character".
head "In 1885, in order to restrict Chinese immigration, the government introduced a ___tax."
apologized "In 2006, the Canadian government ____ for the Chinese head tax."
subjects Restricting immigration from India was a problem because Indians were British ____.
Passage "Continuous _____" meant all immigration had to be by a "continuous" or "non-stop" Journey.
never "Continuous Passage" worked as means of restricting immigration from India because there had ____ been any ?non-stop? steamer routes between Canada and India.
Klondike The result of the ____ Gold Rush was the depression of the 1890s ended.
election Laurier lost the 1911 _____ election because he attempted to negotiate a reciprocity treaty with the United States.
airplane New technology which affected very few Canadians before 1914 was the _____.
Ginger Which of the following was introduced in early 20th century Canada? Canada Dry ___ Ale
Carr Which of the following was an early 20th-century Canadian artist? Emily ____
Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote Anne of Green _____.
Town Stephen Leacock wrote Sunshine Sketches of a Little ____.
Vancouver Canada?s first gas station was located in ____.
telephone The communications method rapidly expanding in early 20th century Canada was the ______.
Squamish Pauline Johnson collected _____ legends.
Television Which of the following had not been introduced in Canada by 1914?
Longboat A famous First Nations athlete from the period before 1914 was Tom _____.
Created by: kstokowski
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