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Chapter Six SS10

Horizons Chapter Six

Territory The Oregon ___ was, until 1846 not controlled by any nation.
Americans Which of the following best represents American policy toward the Oregon Territory? It should be settled by ___.
fur The HBC was opposed to settlement because it would disrupt the ___ trade.
Destiny The term “Manifest ___"means Americans should rule all of North America.
McLoughlin The individual in charge of Fort Vancouver was John ____.
Columbia John McLoughlin encouraged American settlement south of the _____ River.
Oregon McLoughlin’s policies toward American settlers strengthened the American position in the ____ Territory.
Russians In 1839, the HBC and the ____ set the boundary for Russian territory at 54? 40’ latitude.
Simpson In 1841, McLoughlin and ___ disagreed over the number of trading posts on the coast.
American Fort Victoria was established in 1843 because the HBC feared that Fort Vancouver could be soon in ____ territory.
fight James Polk’s 1844 election slogan was “54? 40’ or ___”.
boundary When the Oregon ___ treaty was signed in 1846, the new boundary was at 49 degrees N.
Island The British created the Colony of Vancouver ____ because they wished to solidify their claim on the region.
acre The British decided land should be allocated in the Colony of Vancouver Island by requiring settlers to buy land at the cost of £1 per ___.
servants Any settler who purchased 100 acres or more in Vancouver Island was required to bring at least five ____.
class The British sold land in Vancouver Island to settlers because they wished to re-create the British ___ system.
HBC Most of the settlers in Vancouver Island were in fact ex-___ employees.
Navy The colony of Vancouver Island was also established as a base for the Royal ___.
social The English landowners in Victoria looked on naval officers as desirable ___ contacts.
Nations The following are reasons why James Douglas is called the “Father of British Columbia”? His actions to protect British sovereignty, his treaties with First ___, and his ordering of the building of the Cariboo Wagon Road.
Douglas Amelia ____ was from a fur-trading family, credited with saving her husband’s life, and was the head of one of the most powerful families in Victoria.
Douglas James ___ negotiated treaties with the First Nations of Vancouver Island to gain title to the land.
Douglas The ___ Treaties set a precedent because they recognized Aboriginal title to the land.
Douglas Subsequent government leaders reversed ____’ First Nations policies.
Douglas When James ___ signed treaties with the First Nations of Vancouver Island he recognized that First Nations had title to their lands.
California Before gold was discovered in British Columbia, there had been a gold rush in ____
California Most really good claims in the ____ Gold Rush were staked by people in the state in 1848.
stake In order to obtain gold, miners must sink a mine shaft to the gold deposits, and ____ a claim to an area along a creek.
rich People went on gold rushes in the 19th century because they wanted to “get ___ quick”.
rich The vast majority of people who went on gold rushes did not get ___.
Thompson In late 1857, a trader brought James Douglas some nuggets he had found along the ____ River.
Island Douglas feared a gold rush because thousands of miners would invade Vancouver ____, there was no political jurisdiction on the mainland, and he had no army or militia.
Americans By the middle of 1858, more than 10 000 miners were on the Fraser River. Most were ____.
Douglas In order to preserve British control of the mainland, the British government created a new colony of British Columbia, made James ____ governor of the new colony, and dispatched a contingent of Royal Engineers to British Columbia.
towns The Royal Engineers were sent to British Columbia in order to provide a military presence in the colony, survey the region, and build ____ and roads.
Fraser Gold mining in British Columbia was first undertaken on sandbars on the ____ River.
Cariboo The purpose of the ___ Wagon Road was to promote settlement of the interior, to ensure gold shipments did not leave the colony without being taxed, and to encourage economic development of the interior.
Cariboo The ___ Wagon Road became a problem for the colonial government because it was finished after revenues were in decline.
Barkerville The main town of the Cariboo Gold Rush was ____.
gurdy Hurdy ____ girls were employed to dance with miners.
burned In 1868, Barkerville was ____ to the ground, but quickly rebuilt.
ghost By the end of the 19th century, Barkerville had become a ____ town.
Cariboo By the middle of the 1860s, gold was running out. The result of this was declining population, declining revenues, and the closing of the ____ Wagon Road.
Bute The Tsilhqot’in Uprising was caused by a road being built inland from ____ Inlet.
Douglas James ___ could be best described as an autocrat.
Island The Legislative Assembly of Vancouver ____ had no authority to enforce its resolutions.
Nations In 1855, the First ____ population along the coast was at least 60 000.
Nations In 1862, First ____ communities were decimated by an outbreak of smallpox.
Nine In 1866, the Legislative Council of British Columbia consisted of 23 members. Of these, how many were elected?
Assembly Today, the Legislature of British Columbia is made up of the Lieutenant Governor, and the Legislative _____.
citizen In order to run for office or vote in British Columbia today, a person must be at least 18 years of age, must be a Canadian ____, and must have lived in British Columbia for at least 6 months.
budgets The following are responsibilities of MLAs in British Columbia today. Debating legislation, voting on legislation, and approving _____.
Chinook Language spoken by at least a third of the population of British Columbia in the 1880s was ____.
financial The governments of Vancouver Island and British Columbia faced a ___ crisis in May, 1866, when local banks refused to grant any more loans.
financial The solution to the ___ crisis of 1866 was the union of the colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.
financial Because ___ troubles continued after the union of the two colonies, a permanent solution was needed. Which of the following were proposed as a solutions? annexation by the United States, joining Confederation, and not joining Confederation.
Island The anti-Confederationists were strongest on Vancouver ___.
mainland The Confederationists were strongest on the ____.
annexation The preference for ____ by the United States was strongest among Victoria business people.
annexation The ____ movement failed when they could not collect enough signatures for their petition.
Musgrave In 1869, a new governor was appointed. He was Anthony ____.
Musgrave When Anthony ____ was appointed governor in 1869, he received instructions from the British government. These were to get British Columbia to join Canada.
Macdonald Musgrave was a personal friend of Sir John A. _____.
Musgrave ______ decided the best way to convince the anti- confederationists that Confederation was a good idea was to co-opt their support.
Ottawa When the delegates from British Columbia arrived in ____ with their Confederation demands, the Canadian government accepted virtually all their demands.
railway The key element of the terms by which British Columbia entered Confederation was the building of a _____ between British Columbia and the rest of Canada.
forestry The economic activity which first developed on Burrard Inlet was ____.
masts “British Columbia toothpicks” were logs used as _____ for sailing vessels.
saloon “Gassy Jack” Deighton was a ____ owner.
Horne William van ____ rejected Port Moody as the terminus of the CPR in 1884 because the harbour was filled with tidal flats.
Asia The port of Vancouver began as a trans-shipment point between ___ and Canada.
Panama The opening of the ____ Canal in 1914 caused a rise in port activity in Vancouver.
transportation Modern methods in ____ have led to a diversification of goods handled by the port of Vancouver, and the construction of new facilities in the port of Vancouver.
Hawaii Kanakas came from ____.
HBC Kanakas were originally employed by the ____.
Black In 1858, ___ citizens of San Francisco wished to settle on Vancouver Island. They were encouraged by James Douglas.
Black When several ____ citizens offered to form a militia unit in 1858, James Douglas accepted their offer.
Oppenheimer In order to clinch the CPR terminus for Vancouver, David ____ offered half his landholdings in Vancouver to the CPR at no cost.
Chinese Because their opportunities were limited by racism, ____ miners would rework claims abandoned by white miners.
Chinese In the 1880s, more than 17 000 _____ immigrants came to British Columbia to work on the CPR.
Chinese When the railway was finished in 1885, most ___ railway workers could not afford to return to China.
Chinese The majority attitude toward ____ workers was discriminatory.
Chinese The majority attitude toward ___ workers was negative because the Chinese prevented a homogeneous British culture.
Chinese In order to halt the immigration of ____workers, the government introduced a head tax of $50.
Chinese Amor De Cosmos opposed ____ immigration because they “did not assimilate”.
Chinese ______ labour contractors treated their workers fairly, and often became wealthy.
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