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Chapter Five SS10

Horizons Chapter Five

children Under the Manitoba Act 566 580 hectares were put aside for the “__ of the Métis”.
Manitoba The troops sent by John A. Macdonald to ____ to keep order attacked the Métis.
scrip In order to obtain the land the Canadian government granted them, the Métis were issued ___ which could be exchanged for 160 acres, and were issued scrip which had a money value.
lottery The distribution of the Métis land grant was by ___.
speculators The Métis were unable to take up their lands in many cases because land ___ bought their scrip.
North Because the Métis felt cheated out of their land many left Manitoba for the ___-West Territories.
Albert Most of the Métis who left Manitoba settled near Prince ___
freight In the North-West Territories, the Métis engaged in which of the following activities? Farming, hunting bison, and hauling ___ for the HBC.
bison The Laws of St. Laurent were intended primarily to regulate the ___ hunt.
lawless The Métis drew up the Laws of St. Laurent because otherwise the region would be ___.
Carlton Lawrence Clarke, the Factor at Fort ___, was determined to lower the Métis standard of living.
magistrate Lawrence Clarke used his position as ___ to maintain control over the Métis.
Dumont The leader of the Métis at St. Laurent was Gabriel ___.
extinct The winter of 1874–1875 was very difficult for the Métis because the bison were almost ___.
Bison The ___ Hunt of 1875 was a disaster for the Métis because Lawrence Clarke overruled the Laws of St. Laurent.
laws By the end of the 1870s, the Métis had lost the right to make their own ___.
settlement The government of the United States exterminated the bison to force Aboriginal peoples onto reserves, to allow for railway construction, and to allow for European ___.
CPR In Canada, destruction of bison herds would allow for the building of the ___, and force Aboriginal peoples to accept the Treaty Process.
alcohol American fur traders disrupted Aboriginal life on the Prairies by trading ___ for furs.
whisky In order to combat the American ____ traders, the Canadian government created the North West Mounted Police to police the plains.
paramilitary The North West Mounted Police was designed to drive out the whisky traders, provide policing for the Northwest, and act as a ____ organization.
settlement The Canadian government wished to open the Northwest to ____. This was not possible until treaties settling Aboriginal title were signed.
land Under the Treaty Process, Aboriginal leaders were disappointed with the Canadian government’s ___ offers.
treaties Aboriginal leaders signed _____ with the Canadian government because they felt they had no other choice.
farmers The Canadian government had no intention of teaching the Aboriginal peoples to become ___.
equipment When Poundmaker decided to attempt farming he found the government failed to provide promised ____.
unnatural According to Indian Commissioner Hayter Reed it was “___” for Aboriginal peoples to operate machinery.
assimilation The purpose of the Indian Act in 1876 was to to formalize the ____ of Aboriginal peoples.
passes The Indian Act of 1876 - Aboriginal children had to attend residential schools, it determined whether or not an Aboriginal person was “status” or “non-status”, and it required Aboriginal peoples to carry ____ if they left their reserve.
rights The biggest concern of the Métis in the Northwest in the early 1880s was recognition of their ____.
land Because the Canadian government needed to sell ___ on the prairies it ignored Métis petitions.
European The group in the Northwest which felt the Canadian government was not addressing their concerns in the early 1880s was Aboriginal peoples, Métis, and ___ settlers.
budget As the costs of building the CPR mounted between 1882 and 1885, the government drastically cut the Indian Department’s ____.
difficult Government aid to Aboriginal peoples was denied to “___ Indians”.
Métis The ___, seeing the Aboriginal peoples starving provided as much aid as they could.
Riel In the summer of 1884, the Métis asked Louis ___ to return to lead them.
Montana When the Métis asked Louis Riel to return, he was a schoolteacher in ___.
Jackson In late 1884, Riel and ___ drew up the Métis Bill of Rights.
Independence The Métis Bill of Rights was similar to the American Declaration of ___ in that it detailed Métis grievances.
Rights The Métis Bill of ___ addressed the concerns of all groups in the North West.
land Lawrence Clarke supported the return of Louis Riel because he felt that if an uprising were crushed, it would raise the value of his ___.
Clarke Lawrence ___ was trusted by Riel.
informant Lawrence Clarke acted as a legal advisor to the Métis, courier of the final Métis petition, and a government ___.
bullets When Lawrence Clarke returned from Ottawa on March 18, 1885, he told the Métis the government answer to their petition was ___.
Carlton In March, 1885, the Canadian government had which force close to the Métis settlements in the Northwest? A North West Mounted Police detachment at Fort ___.
arms Riel decided to take up ___ against the Canadian government in March, 1885 because he felt that a peaceful resolution of the Métis grievances was impossible.
Duck When the North West Mounted Police and the Métis met at ___ Lake, the result was the North West Mounted Police detachment was defeated.
Five By early April, how many Canadian troops had been deployed in the Northwest? more than _000
uprising General Middleton split his force into several groups because he feared an Aboriginal ___.
Four At Batoche, in May, 1885, militia forces outnumbered the Métis about ___ to one .
three The Battle of Batoche lasted ____ days.
captured What happened to the two Métis leaders after Batoche? Riel was ___ and Dumont escaped to the United States.
national Louis Riel surrendered to government forces because he wished to bring the plight of his people to ___ attention.
Northwest No Aboriginal leaders joined the ___ Uprising.
treason Riel was taken prisoner at Batoche and was charged with high ___.
insanity At his trial, Riel’s lawyers wanted him to plead not guilty by reason of ___.
jury Riel’s ____ was all European.
irresponsibly Riel suggested in his defense that the Canadian government had acted ____, the Canadian government had ignored Métis petitions, and had the Canadian government negotiated in good faith, the rebellion would not have happened.
Quebec Riel was sentenced to hang. Which group(s) was opposed to this? The citizens of ___.
executed Riel was ____. The other Métis leaders were given light fines or pardoned.
children At this time, the Canadian government viewed the Aboriginal peoples as wayward ____.
assimilation Sir John A. Macdonald felt that a railway had to be built quickly because he feared ___ of Canada by the United States.
railway Macdonald wanted Canadian businessmen to build the ___.
American Sir Hugh Allen felt he could build the CPR only with ___ backing.
Northern Sir Hugh Allan’s CPR was controlled by the ___ Pacific Railway.
Allen Macdonald needed money for the 1872 election. He obtained it from Sir Hugh ____ in return for the CPR contract.
CPR What made the Pacific Scandal a problem? Donations in return for the ___ contract, and Sir Hugh Allan’s American connections.
CPR The Liberal government of Alexander Mackenzie was unwilling to spend money to build the ___.
Pacific The Liberal government of Alexander Mackenzie allowed the Canadian ___ Survey to take place.
Survey The Canadian government used the Railway ____ to reduce tension with British Columbia by appearing to go ahead with the CPR.
Bute Which of the following routes for the railway was favoured by politicians from Vancouver Island? ___ Inlet
Burrard Which of the following routes for the railway was favoured by politicians from the mainland? ___ inlet
Routes The “Battle of the ___” allowed the Canadian government to put off building the railway.
Kicking The CPR eventually entered British Columbia via ___ Horse Pass.
Quebec The National Policy did not consist of creating a new understanding with ___.
tariffs High ___ under the National Policy were designed to protect Canadian industries.
Policy Settlers in the West, under the National ___ were seen as a captive market for Eastern Canadian groups.
goods The CPR was essential to the National Policy, it would allow for the shipment of ___ and people.
bankers The new CPR syndicate in 1880 was made up of ___ and railway men.
monopoly The CPR syndicate was offered money, prairie farmland, and an operating ____.
Smith George Stephen, Donald ____, James J. Hill men were members of the CPR syndicate.
south The CPR syndicate decided to move the line of the railway ___ because there were few land speculators there.
southern A problem with the new ___ route was the location of the line in British Columbia was not clear when construction started.
Horne The new general manager of the CPR in 1881 was William van ___.
American William van Horne was efficient, hard-working, and an ___.
money The biggest problem facing the CPR in 1883 was not enough ___ to finish the railway.
least The CPR, in 1883, had completed the ___ expensive part of the line.
money In 1883, the Canadian government was forced to provide the CPR with additional ___.
wooden Van Horne used ___ trestles to carry the rail line because they were cheaper to build.
dangerous Working conditions for CPR labourers were extremely ___.
injured If a worker on the CPR was ___ he was immediately discharged.
Northwest The event that saved the CPR from financial ruin was the CPR’s rapid deployment of troops during the ___ Rebellion.
five The CPR was finished in November, 1885 ___ years ahead of schedule.
Smith The Last Spike of the CPR was driven by Donald ___.
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