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Chapter Four SS10

Horizons Chapter Four

Rupert’s The name given to the territory granted to the HBC in 1670 was ___ Land.
Hudson Rupert’s Land was defined as all land where rivers flowed into ___ Bay.
pelts The type of fur used by the HBC as a form of currency was beaver_____.
Stay In its first century, the HBC followed a trade policy known as ___ by the Bay.
England The HBC shipped furs to ___ directly from Hudson Bay.
Montreal Unlike the HBC, the NWC was based in ___, did not have a strict trade policy, and had its employees travel to Aboriginal communities to trade.
Montreal The NWC shipped furs to England via ___.
Factors The hivernants of the NWC differed from the ____ of the HBC in that they were partners in their company.
NWC Explorers for the ____ were employed primarily to search out new fur-trading areas.
NWC The aggressive policies of the ___ resulted in the NWC having many more trading posts than the HBC.
voyageurs The NWC employees who paddled canoes were called ____.
nord The NWC used canots du ___, and canots du maître.
York The HBC used ____ boats because they were faster than canoes, they were sturdier than canoes, and they carried more cargo than canoes.
trap The fur trade disrupted traditional Aboriginal ways of life because the demands of the fur trade forced Aboriginal peoples to ___ full time.
families Which of the following was most important to Aboriginal peoples? sustaining themselves and their ___.
alcohol Which of the following, introduced by Europeans, damaged traditional Aboriginal ways of life? Smallpox, measles, and ___.
trappers The fur trade encouraged the movements of Aboriginal groups into new areas because as fur supplies became depleted, ____ had to find new fur sources.
mind A ___ map does indicate sources of water and other natural resources, show the location of prominent landscape features, and show the approximate travel times between places.
declined As supplies of furs ___ competition between fur trading companies intensified.
Cree The Canadian habit of saying “eh” may come from the ___ word “Eha” (I agree).
interpreters Aboriginal women in the fur trade made articles like snowshoes, gathered useful items like pine gum, and acted as guides and ___.
wives The Métis developed because the NWC encouraged its traders to take Aboriginal ____.
social When an Aboriginal woman married a fur trader her family gained ___ status.
intermarriage The NWC encouraged ____ between its fur traders and Aboriginal women because such marriages strengthened ties with local Aboriginal groups.
abandoned If a fur trader had taken an Aboriginal wife, and then left the Northwest, he most likely ____ his Aboriginal wife.
HBC The ___ initially discouraged its employees from marrying Aboriginal women because it did not want to support too many dependents.
French The term Métis referred to persons of Aboriginal and ___ Canadian ancestry. Persons of Aboriginal and Scots/British ancestry preferred the term country-born.
Catholic The Métis were usually of which religious affiliation? Roman ___
seigneurial As the Métis began to farm, they used which system to lay out their farms? the ___ pattern.
pemmican The main product which the Métis supplied to the NWC was ___.
bison The most important social event for the Métis was the ___ hunt.
military The bison hunt was organized like a ___ expedition.
economic The bison hunt was dangerous, a source of community pride, and an important ___ activity.
Selkirk Lord ____ wanted to establish agricultural colonies in British North America because he was alarmed at the plight of poor Scots farmers.
director Lord Selkirk was able to obtain a grant of land from the HBC because he was a ____ of the HBC.
Red The location of Selkirk’s land grant from the HBC was at the junction of the ___ and Assiniboine Rivers.
NWC The settlers in the Red River Colony survived their first two years there because the ___ and the Métis assisted them.
Macdonell The governor of the Red River colony, Miles ____, feared that supplies would run out in 1814. As a result, he issued the Pemmican Proclamation.
Pemmican The ____ Proclamation was designed to provide enough food for the Selkirk colonists.
arrest The response of the NWC to the Pemmican Proclamation was to harass the colonists, and ____ Macdonell.
Robertson When the colonists returned to the Red River colony in the late summer of 1815, their leader, Colin ___ made peace with the NWC and the Métis.
Semple The new governor of the Red River colony, Robert ___ attacked and burned Fort Gibraltar.
ancestry Semple regarded the Métis as inferior because the Métis were of mixed ___.
Grant The leader of the Métis in Red River was Cuthbert ___.
Seven In 1816, Semple and a group of colonists confronted the Métis at ___ Oaks. The result was that the Métis killed 21 colonists.
Oaks After the Battle of Seven ____, Lord Selkirk led a military expedition against the Métis.
Cree In 1817, Lord Selkirk made a treaty to gain legitimate control over the lands of the Red River Settlement. He made this treaty with the ____ and Anishinabé.
lawsuits The NWC responded to Lord Selkirk’s activities in 1817 by filing ___ against him.
merge In 1820, both the NWC and HBC were suffering financially. They decided to ___.
NWC Under the merger of 1821, the ___ obtained 55 shares in the new company.
Hudson The HBC retained control of the new merged company by having furs shipped via ___ Bay.
translators Aboriginal peoples, besides being trappers, were employed by the HBC as guides, ___, and map-makers.
Simpson The new governor of the HBC’s holdings in the Northwest, in 1821, was George _____.
Plains In order to obtain the cooperation of the Métis, George Simpson employed Cuthbert Grant as Warden of the ____.
Northwest George Simpson’s method of management was to spend the summer travelling throughout the ____.
socialize George Simpson brought his English wife to the Red River Settlement in 1830. This caused problems because he had several Métis children in the colony, Mrs. Simpson refused to ____ with the Métis, and the Simpsons were socially isolated.
Métis By 1860, the majority of people in the Red River Settlement were ____.
HBC The basis of the economy of the Red River Settlement was the needs of the ____.
greased The Red River cart was noisy because its axles were not ____.
Canadians A group which caused social tensions in the Red River Settlement in the 1860s were ____.
Schultz The leader of the Canadian Party in the Red River Settlement was John ____.
Métis John Schultz was opposed to which group? ____
HBC In 1869, the government of Canada purchased Rupert’s Land from the ___.
monopoly When the HBC sold Rupert’s land to the Canadian Government, it gave up its trade ____.
surveyors Canadian land ____ caused problems in the Red River Settlement because they did not recognize existing claims by settlers to their lands.
teacher Louis Riel’s profession was lawyer and a _____.
surveyors In October, 1869, Louis Riel decided to stop ____ because they were trespassing.
provisional Faced with uncertainty about the future of the Red River Settlement, the National Métis Committee took over Fort Garry and formed a ____ government.
provisional A ____ government is, by definition a means of preserving order until a permanent government can be created.
Riel ____ and the provisional government were determined to create a province which would respect the rights of all persons.
McDougall When William ___ proclaimed himself governor of the North West Territories, he made Riel’s government the legal authority in the area and ended the HBC control of the area.
provisional In late 1869, Riel feared the Canadian Party was about to attack the ____ government.
Scott Thomas ___ was executed because he threatened the life of Riel.
martyr Propaganda in Ontario made Thomas Scott into a ____.
Quebec The Canadian province that supported Riel’s cause was ___.
Riel When Canadian troops arrived in Winnipeg in late August, 1870 they found ___ had fled the area.
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