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Chapter Two SS10

Horizons Chapter Two

WATER "In 1825, most people in Upper Canada lived near ____ routes."
QUIET Upper Canada in the 1820s could be best described as _____.
CROPS Most early settlers mortgaged next year's ___ to obtain financing.
CORN "Potatoes, and ____ crops originated in the Americas."
LABOUR Upper class immigrants to Upper Canada had to perform manual ____ themselves.
CLASS "British plans to replicate its society in its Canadian colonies, angered immigrants who hoped to escape such a class system, involved large estates, gentry, and tenant farmers, and led to unfair land practices."
FAMILY The ruling elite group in Upper Canada was called the ____ Compact.
LOYALIST The Family Compact was primarily made up of descendants of _____ settlers.
COMPACT Joining the Family ____ was difficult for new arrivals.
SPECULATORS "The cause of dissatisfaction in Upper Canada had to do with poor roads, land restrictions, and land ______."
ANGLICAN The Clergy Reserves were established for the use of the ____ church.
SEVENTHS The Crown and Clergy Reserves together consisted of how much of the land in Upper Canada? two ____
ROAD The Crown and Clergy Reserves caused problems because they were not farmed and this blocked ____ development.
ARISTOCRATS The British government considered which of the following to be the best group to control most of the land in Upper Canada? _____
HALF "By 1815, ____ the land in Upper Canada was owned by land speculators."
AMERICAN The last thing Britain wanted was allowing colonists to adopt ____ attitudes and values.
BRITAIN Immigrants to British North America came primarily from the United States and _____.
UPPER Most of these immigrants settled in _____ Canada.
COFFIN Immigrant ships were often called ?_____ ships.? This was due to the fact that many died on the voyage.
STEERAGE Most immigrants travelled in _____.
SHIPS Living conditions on immigrant ____ were filthy.
LAND Most immigrants were attracted to British North America by the prospect of owning their own ____.
SLAVERY ____was first abolished in Upper and Lower Canada.
UNDERGROUND Black Americans travelled to Canada via the _____ Railway. It was so named because it was a network of secret trails.
RACIAL A problem for Black immigrants from the United States was they faced _____ discrimination.
MARRIED The most important thing for women in Upper Canada was getting ______.
CHILDBIRTH "A serious risk for women in colonial Canada was _____, overcrowding in colonist cabins, and poor sanitation in colonist cabins."
OLIGARCHY Government in Upper and Lower Canada was run by small groups of powerful men. This is called an ____.
REPLACED "Which of the following is true of responsible government, but not true of representative government? The government can be _____ if it fails to please the voters."
VETOED "Any bill passed by the Legislative Assembly in Upper and Lower Canada
EXPANSION Which of the following was not a concern for ordinary people in Upper Canada? business ____
DEPORTED When Robert Gourlay criticized the government of Upper Canada he was arrested and _____.
COLONIAL "William Lyon Mackenzie published the _____ Advocate, strongly criticized the colonial government, and was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1828."
MACKENZIE The leading reformer in Upper Canada in the 1820s and 1830s was William Lyon _____.
CORRUPT In the 1830s voting was extremely ____.
SPLIT "A problem which existed in Lower Canada, but not in Upper Canada was a ____ between English and French society."
MERCHANTS The Chƒteau Clique was dominated by English ____.
CATHOLIC "The Chƒteau Clique was supported by wealthy French Canadian landowners, and the ___ Church."
SEIGNEURS Many French Canadians believed that _____ and the Catholic Church had ?sold out? to the English.
EMIGRATING Which was not an economic problem for Lower Canada? large numbers of people _____ to the United States.
ARABLE "Farmers in Lower Canada faced soil that was becoming less fertile, and faced a limited amount of ____ land."
MINORITY "These were problems for FrenchCanadians in Lower Canada? They felt increased English-speaking immigration would make them a ____,they felt the English were trying to kill them by introducing diseases, and they were overtaxed with no voice in government."
GOVERNMENT "The following were a stated issues of reformers in Lower Canada? Discrimination against the French, taxes, and lack of representation in ____."
FRENCH The leaders of the reform movement in Lower Canada were both ____ and British.
CULTURE French Canadians were most concerned with the possibility that their _____ was being undermined.
REBEL "When the British government rejected a petition from Lower Canadian reformers ,the reformers decided to ____."
COORDINATED The Rebellions of 1837 were poorly ____.
BRITISH The Catholic Church in Lower Canada in 1837 supported the ___.
LOWER A second rebellion in 1838 in ____ Canada was quickly dispersed by British troops.
DICTATORIAL Lieutenant Governor Sir Francis Bond Head acted in an arbitrary and ____ manner.
PENAL "Reformers who actually rebelled and were captured were punished by death, exile, and transportation to ___ colonies."
RESPONSIBLE "Lord Durham supported the concept of ___ government, the Union of the Canadas, and an English-only Canada."
LITTLE Lord Durham discovered that he had ____ support in the Canadas.
ENGLISH Which of Lord Durham?s recommendations did the British government adopt? Union of the Canadas and an___-only united Canada.
MILITARY Under Lord Durham?s concept of responsible government Britain would control external affairs and the ___.
Created by: kstokowski
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