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SS10 Chapter One

Chapter One Horizons

cultural "Places have a location, places interact with other places, and places have physical and __ characteristics are organizing principles of Geography."
Okanagan Which of the following facts is most important about Kelowna? -Kelowna is the gateway to the __ Valley.
human "The physical characteristics of a place,have an impact on the way people live,and can have distinct advantages for ___ settlement. "
cedar "First Nations people used __ bark to make artifacts, Europeans cleared land and constructed buildings and roads, and Europeans exploited the area's fish and forest resources are all examples of the cultural landscape of Prince Rupert."
sustainable A ___ activity maintains ecological balance by avoiding depletion of a natural resource.
perceptual "Functional region, formal region, and ___ region are all examples of a geographic region. "
Globalization "____ refers to the worldwide integration of economic, technological, and cultural forces."
Greenland Which of the following did not cover Canada during the last Ice Age? ___ Ice Sheet
history Which of the following is not a consideration in defining a physical region? Its_____
metamorphic Rock that is changed from its original form through heat and pressure is _____.
sedimentary "Rock that is made up of fused, layered deposits is _____."
igneous Rock formed from molten material is_____.
Sedimentary ______ rock is made up of layered deposits that have fused together.
Igneous ______ rock is formed from molten material.
Metamorphic ______ rock is changed from its original form by heat and pressure.
Appalachian "The ____ Region was once an ancient, now eroded mountain range."
farming Which of the following is not true of the Canadian Shield? Its climate is suitable for _____.
Innuitian The _____ Mountains are similar to the Appalachians.
warming Economic exploitation of the Arctic may increase due to global ____.
glacial "Which of the following is true of the St. Lawrence Lowlands? It is Canada?s smallest physical region, it is Canada?s most populated region, and it was formed mostly from ____ activity."
agricultural "The sandy, well drained soils of the St. Lawrence Lowlands make it ideal for _____ activity."
water The Interior Plains were once covered with ____.
drought Which of the following is not true of the Interior Plains? It is rarely affected by ____.
tectonic The Cordillera was formed by ______ activity. This refers to the collision of continental plates.
Cordillera "Geographically speaking, the youngest landforms in Canada are found in which region? _____"
British The most active seismic area in Canada is ____ Columbia.
seismic The word "_____" refers to earthquakes.
Subduction _____ is when a continental plate is drawn under another.
precipitation Which of the following descriptors matches a continental climate? Temperature extremes and low ____.
high Which of the following descriptors matches a maritime climate? Mild temperatures and ____ precipitation.
drops Altitude affects climate because temperature____ with increase in altitude.
increase "As latitude increases, which of the following occurs? Seasonal climatic variations____."
water The farther a place is from a large body of _____ the larger the variation of temperature.
winter Which of the following is not true of West Coast communities? They are ice-bound for several months each ____.
north Prevailing winds in western Canada generally come from which of the following directional pairs? west and ______.
precipitation "Temperature, topography, and masses of warm and cool air affects _____ patterns."
Arctic The effects of climate change seem to be most pronounced in which region? ____
ecosystem "Plants, animals and the environment are all part of an ______."
chain Altering one element in an ecosystem will set of a _____ reaction affecting the rest of the ecosystem.
Tundra "Which Natural Region of Canada is defined as ?a treeless landscape with mostly low shrubs, mosses, and lichens?? ______"
Coniferous "Which Natural Region of Canada is defined as being dominated by evergreens, with many fur-bearing animals and not very fertile soils? _____ Forest."
Mixed "Which Natural Region of Canada is defined as being made up of softwood trees, as well as hardwood trees? _____ Forest"
Grassland Which Natural Region of Canada is defined as an area of short grasses with not enough moisture for trees? _____
Tundra Which Natural Region of Canada has the coldest climate? ____
Grassland Which Natural Region of Canada has the most fertile soils? ____
Parkland Which Natural Region of Canada is defined as a transition zone between prairies and coniferous forest? _____
Woodland "Which Natural Region of Canada is defined as an area of scattered evergreen trees, shrubs and grass? Open _____"
Forest Which Natural Region is principally found in British Columbia? Coast and Interior _____
Coniferous Which forested region is identified as having the least fertile soils? ___ Forest
colonization European _____ has affected all natural regions.
water "Farming in Alberta has affected soil quality, ____ quality and water supplies."
Alberta Oil and gas development in ____ affects the environment and health of people significantly.
Sands Water pollution from the Alberta Oil _____ has caused an alarming increase in fish mutations and a high incidence of cancers in nearby communities.
Sweden Which of the following countries does not have territorial claims in the Arctic? ___"Canada, Russia, Sweden, Norway"
Military Which of the following is not a function of settlement? ___
Single "____ resource towns can develop rapidly, can fail when the resource is depleted and are dependent only on that resource."
urbanization "The process of ____ leads to large, concentrated populations."
Created by: kstokowski
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