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Au revoirs History

Au revoir, les enfants Historical Connections

Charles de Gaulle leader of the Free French Forces based in London
zone libre French-controlled area of Southern France, 1940-1942
Vichy town in central France where the French government was located from 1940-1944
Maréchal Philippe Pétain President of the non-democratic French State, July 1940 to September 1944
un pétainiste supporter of Pétain
Drancy internment camp outside of Paris where foreign Jews were sent before being transported to German concentration camps
La relève program that exchanged 1 French prisoner of war for 3 French workers who volunteered to work in Germany
Marseilles largest port city in Southern France that was raided by Germans and French police in January 1943
la milice French Militia created in January 1943 to fight the French resistance
les collabos French people who actively collaborated with the Germans
le maquis popular name for the French Resistance
Gestapo German secret police
Service du travail obligatoire (STO) compulsory work in German labor camps for all French males between 20 and 23
les réfractaires French men who refused to perform STO
Janvier 1944 month in which Au revoir, les enfants takes place
June 6, 1944 Allied forces land in Normandy (D-Day)
Pierre Laval Prime Minister of France, 1942-1944, charged with negotiating with the Germans
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