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Featherston 5

When the chair has been authorized to appoint committee members, what action by the chair is required to enable the committee to act? the names of the committee members must be announced to the assembly.
The chairman of a special committee appointed by the chair is automatically the first person named, unless: he or she declines the position.
When a committee report concludes with a recommendation, the proper course to be followed is for: the reporting member to move that the recommendation be adopted.
If the existance of an error or material omission in the minutes becomes reasonably established after their approval--even many years later--the minutes can then be corrected by means of the motion to: amend something previously adopted.
In a board meeting where there are not more than about a dozen members present, some of the formality that is necessary in a large assembly would hinder buisness. Which of the following rules governing such meetings applies to their procedure? Motions need not be seconded.
A board report should be signed by: the president of chairman of the board and its secretary.
The report of the nominating committee: is not adopted.
The bylaws provide that no officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms in office. The vice-president became president on the death..then was elected and served a term on his own. Would he then be eligible to be elected to another consecutive term? Yes, if he served less than half of the earlier term.
If the bylaws are silent as to the method of filling a vacancy in the specific case of the presidency, which of the following officers automatically becomes president for the remainder of the term? Vice-president.
Each new session may slect a chairman pro tem without previous notice for: the current session.
If any of the following consitions apply, a committee must be established by the bylaws or a special rule of order: All of the above are correct.
A member should not object merely for dilatory purposes. If a member is uncertian of the effect of an action proposed for unanimous consent, he can: call out, "I reserve the right to object.
Which statement is true about elections by mail ballot? Preferential voting is a method preferred over plurality voting.
If a member is elected to an office and declines the election: The election is incomplete and another vote can be taken immediately.
When preferential voting is used, which of the following statements is correct? The tellers' report consists of a table listing all candidates with the number of ballots contained in each count after each successive distribution.
Which of the following is not required to be in the minutes? The names of those seconding motions.
The committee which examinees the financial records of an organization is the: auditing committee.
The chair must always call for the negative vote: on nearly unanimous votes.
"Are you ready for the question?" is the phrase that should be: used after pausing to allow the maker of the motion to claim the floor.
If the president and all vice-presidents are absent when a meeting is supposed to start, who normally calls the meeting to order? Secretary.
IF the bylaws do not require election by ballot, and if there is more than one nominee for a given office: the vote may be by viva voce, a rising vote, or a show of hands.
Minutes and records of the assembly are available to members: upon request of the secretary, but only at a reasonable time and place.
To accept the report of the committee: is the same as adopting it.
Special committees of the assembly: may make a partial report.
What right does "privileges of the floor" convey? Admittance to the assembly.
The nominating committee has submitted a list of nominees for president and the chairman has asked for additional nominations.When non one responds, the chairman should: declare the nominations closed.
As a general principle, a board cannot: Delegate its authority.
Power is delegated to the executive board of the organization by: a provision in the bylaws.
A standing committee that has the power to act for a society may be created apart from the bylaws by: a two-thirds vote with previous notice.
When a special committee is appointed to implement an order of the assembly, it should be: small and composed of members in favor of the action taken.
Discussion without a motion: violates one of parliamentary procedure's most powerful tools for expediting buisness.
In a committee of the whole, a member may: serve as chairman.
One difference between the committee of the whole and informal consideration is: informal consideration permits impostion of regular limitations of debate.
To second a motion: the word "support." may be used.
A second is not required: after the chair states the question and debate has begun.
In the election process, it is recommended practice to: require that the names of all nominees remain on each repeated balloting.
When announcing the result of a vote on which a count has been ordered, the chair should say: "There are 29 in the affirmative and 33 in the negative. The negative has it and the motion is lost."
The division of the assembly is a: rising vote.
Unanimous consent: may mean that the opposition acquiesces.
To verify a voice vote, the chair: should retake it as a rising vote.
When an assembly votes to adopt a committee report, which of the following is true? It endorses every word of the report, including the committee's reasoning, as the organization's own statement.
If two members of a nominating committee disagreed with the report of the majority of the nominating committee for some or all of the offices, these members: could, as a group, propose other nominees if nominations from the floor are permitted.
Under what circumstances should the president read a communication? When the content or source is especially important.
In a small board or committee: All of the above are correct.
Which of the following statements in regard to proxy voting is incorrect? Proxy voting is compatible with the essential characteristics of a deliberative assembly.
A rising vote should be used: in verifying the result of a voice vote.
Honorary office or membership: is perpetual, unless rescinded or qualified in the bylaws.
The minutes should contain: all notices of motions.
A withdrawn motion does not appear in the minutes unless: the motion had been postponed from a previous meeting.
The minutes of an adjourned meeting are approved: at the next regular or adjourned meeting, whichever comes first.
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