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DMS6 ch37 vocab.

vault an arch used to support the ceiling of a roof
dome a vault in the shape of a hemisphere that rests on a circular wall
constantinople Emperor Constantine moved his chapel to Byzantium, he renamed it New Rome. Later it was called Constantinople.
Byzantium Empire where Emperor Constantine moved his chapel, the empire that the Constantinople city was in.
Renaissance a period were Roman art, literature, and learning was rediscovered
sistine chapel the ceiling shows scenes from the bible painted by Michelangelo.
Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Triumphal Arch This monument is in Paris France, and celebrates the victories of the French Emperor Napoleon
Aqueduct brought water 60 miles away into the homes of the wealthiest citizens, the public baths, and fountains.
stoicism a physiology that came from the Greeks
What are some Legacies of Rome? The Arch, Aqueducts, Roman Numerals, Latin roots and prefixes, domes, vaults,Greco-Roman ( a style of art ), different art styles, Roman Colosseum, etc....
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