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finals history vocab

finals vocabulary

Ka'bah holy cube covered in cloth, has rock in it that fell from the sky. people pray racing it. Built be Abraham and Ishmael
Quraysh desert tribe in Mecca that was in charge of watching the Ka'bah. Most worshiped member was Muhammad.
Hijrah journey once a year to Mecca. When Muhammad and his people fled to Mecca
Mosque place of worship for Muslims
Minaret tower a spire or Muzzin goes up to to call people to prayer
Islam Muslim religion, means submission to Allah
Muslim Islamic follower. One who submits to Allah
Qur'an Muslim holy book, Gods words through Gabrial
Sunna collection of Islamic writings: the hadith (life and teachings of Muhammad) and the Qur'an mixed together
Fiver Pillars not literal pillars, rules that hold religion together. 1. Profession of Faith 2. prayer five times per day 3. giving alms 4. ritual fast during ramendan 5. trip to Mecca at least once if you can afford it
Jihad Holy war against infadels
Caliph successor to Muhammad; next in line to rule
Shiite party of Alli that believes that all caliphs must be blood relatives of Muhammad
Sunni believes that caliph doesn't have to be a blood relative of Muhammad, they just have to be the best person for the job
Berbers nomadic north Africans that converted to Islam and became Moors.
Moors mixture of Berbers and Arabs. have style of architecture
Battle of Tours 732 C.E. Franks vs Moors. Franks won; far as Muslim conquest went
Jizya tax on people of the book
Zakat tax on Muslims counts as charity money (one of the 5 pillars)
Torah holy book for Jews. first 5 books of the old testimate
Talmud collection of laws and stuff. recording of Jewish philosophy
Calligraphy writing language done artistically
Fatimids a sect of Muslims who were upset with Ummayads because they were too secular. Fatimids were very religious.
Cordoba Ummayad center of learning in Spain
Damascus Capital of Syria where Wuawiya governor was when he was the 5th caliph
Baghdad capital of Iraq, center of learning for Abassids
Jerusalem capital of Israel. Muslims worship city because of the Dome of the Rock. 3rd holiest city in Islam.
Muhammad started Islam. In Quraysh
Allah means god. Islamic god
Jibril Arabic spelling of Gabrial. Angel who spoke words of gods to Muhammad
Abraham "father" of all 3 religions. kids Ishmael and Isaac.
Isaac son of Abraham. father of Jews
Abu Bakr father-in-law of Muhammad. Reassured Muslims that death of Muhammad was not the end of the religion. was the 1st caliph
Umar friend and advisor of Muhammad started spreading of Islam (the conquest). 2nd caliph
Uthman 3rd caliph, murdered by Egyptians
Ali Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law. 1st Shiite caliph
Muawiya 5th caliph. changed capital to Damascus. founder of Ummayads
Charles Martel french guy that defeated Moors at the battle of Tours; stopped Muslim conquest. king of Franks
Abd al Malik united Arabs by declaring Arabic official language and invented a coin system
Al Abbas Muhammad's youngest uncle. founder of Abbasid's line
Abd al Rahman Ummayads getting assined, jumped out window, swan across river, walked to Spain, and became caliph of Ummayads in Spain
Ferdinad and Isabella kicked out Jews and Muslims and started Calumbus on his way
Khan great king/emperor/ruler. places ruled by Khan, had people called Khanates. Emperor of the Mongols
Ottomans ozman creator. ethnic group. Turkik, settled in Turkey. Muslims
Ghazi Muslim holy warrior who spread Islam. (muslim version of crusaders)
Hagia Sophia Byzantine church that then became Muslim mosque. "Church of Holy Wisdom"
Janissaries well treated, high class, slaves, of sultan. Christian children taken then made converted to Islam, this makes kids not ties to other religious groups.
Sultan head of Ottoman, equal to an emperor from different culture. most famous sultan- Suleiman
Harem sanctuary for women. sultans wives went there. Muslims
Mughal means a rich powerful person. word for Mongol
Khyber Pass Mughals went through it to get to India. In a mountain range
Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan as a tomb for his wife
Fatehpur the palace of Akbar the Great
Temujin Ghangas Khan's real name. Kuldai Khan is his grandson
Kublai Khan Ghangas Khan's grandson. became the emperor of China
Tamerlane Central Asian king. named Timur the lame (had a bad leg, hence his name)
Osman founder of Ottoman Empire
Suleiman (Turkish word for Suleman). Most famous Sultan. lawgiver, builder, conqueror; basically Julious Caesar of later time
Babur father of Akbar. first Mughal became rule. invaded northern India
Akbar Babar's son. wanted all religions to blend into one so everyone believes the same thing, which would prevent religious wars
Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal
Dark Ages nothing was recorded/written down. people were illiterate only monks wrote stuff down, it was religious things only
Franks germanic tribe lived in modern day France
HRE holy roman empire. founder was Charlemagne
Vikings threat to HRE from Northland. defeated by Alfred the Great
Battle of Hastings battle between William the conqueror and Harold the Saxin for the throne. A.D. 1066
Normans became Norman England when William defeated Harold, which brought the French over
Feudalism people got promises to safety. get land in exchange for service
Fiefs what you get in return for giving service
Lords and Vassals you are a vassal to anyone above you, and a lord to anyone below you
Oath of Fealty promise to be loyal and serve you lord. take oath when you become a vassal
Chivalry and Bushido chivalry-leading a good life, being religious bushido-die fighting, loyal to lord. bushido lasted longer than chivalry
Pope in the vatican. leads entire church
Cardinals under pope on church hierarchy. college of cardinals in Rome
Archbishop responsible for spiritual life. under cardinal on church hierarchy.
Bishop under archbishop on church hierarchy, but above priest
Priest leads parish
Monasteries and Convents self contained religious communities that spent all day praying, helping people, and doing other good things
Abbot and Abess leaders that run monasteries and convents. abbots run monasteries, abesses run convents
monks and nuns nun- convents monks-monasteries religious people, devote their lives to religion
Tithe paying 1/10 of income to the Church
Cathedral a seat of the bishop
Guilds modern day labor unions. union of people who practice a trade. craftsmen, barbers, roofers, bakers, etc....
Magna Carta A.D. 1215 document King John put his seal
Constantinople capital. center of learning
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