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MAT Norse gods

Mat Norse gods

Balder Son of Odin and Frigg. So beautiful he shed radiance all around himself. Wisest and favorite of gods
Freja Frey twin sister. Lived in Folkvang, sky. She received the deceased warriors and assigned the seats in the banqueting hall. First and supreme commander of the Valkyries
Frey Njords son. Peaceful, benevolent, and mighty. A vanir. Same qualities as his father. Had a powerful horse and sword and a golden boar
Frigg An Aesir. Odin's wife. Most revered of goddesses. Friday derived from her name. Possessed great wisdom and foresight
Gerda Frey's wife, also the daughter of a giant
Heimdall God of light. Presided over ambiguous beginning of things. Guardian of all the gods
Idun The goddess who owned the magic apples which gave all of the gods and goddess eternal youth and immortality
Jord The earth goddess. Thor's mother
Kvasir Made from the mingled saliva of the two races of gods. Aesir and Vanir. Surpassed all men in wisdom.
Loki A superior demon. Always making mischief. Served the gods but undermind their power. Handsom and attentive to goddesses. Thor's blood brother.
Magni and Modi Thor's sons. Magni was strenght and Modi was anger. THe would inherit his hammer and replace him in the newly-made world.
Njord A Vanir. Odin's uncle and wisest counselor.Lived by the roots of the ash tree. Yggdrasil . Lived in a fountain in which all wisdom and knowledge were hidden
Odin Of the Aesir race. Lived on Valhalla. Wednesday is derived from his name suggest frenzy and fury. Decided human fates
Sigmund a hero, not a god. Mortal descendant of Odin. Pulled magical swords out of a tree trunk. Died willingly at Odin's insistence.
Valkyries Supernatural women who lived in Valhalla. Guardians and servants to the gods. Rode on fiery chargers.
Tiw Sky god and god of governing battles. His spear was a sign of judicial power. Tuesday.
Thor An Aesir. God of thunder and war. Thursday. Much feared. Sometimes known as Donan
Skadi Njord's wife. Daughter of a giant
Sigurd. Sigmund's son, inheritor of his sword. Also a hero not a god. Sometimes know as siegfried.
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