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MAT gods

Aphrodite's Roman Counterpart Venus
Apollo's Roman Counterpart Apollo
Ares' Roman Counterpart Mars
Artemis' Roman Counterpart Diana
Cronus' Roman Counterpart Saturn
Demeter's Roman counterpart Ceres
Dionysus' Roman counterpart Bacchus
Eros' Roman counterpart Cupid
Hades' Roman counterpart Pluto
Hera's Roman counterpart Juno
Heracles' Roman counterpart Hercules
Hermes' Roman counterpart Mercury
Clio Muse of history
Euterpe Muse of the flute
Thalia Muse of comedy
Melpomene Muse of tragedy
Terpsichore Muse of lyric poetry and dance
Erato Muse of love poetry
Polyhymnia muse of mimic art
Urania Muse of astronomy
Calliope Muse of epic poetry and eloquence
Persephone's Roman counterpart Proserpina
Poseidon's Roman counterpart Neptune
Zeus' Roman counterpart Jupiter
Zeus Supreme god. Unites in himself all attributes of divinity. Ruled according to fate and his own will. Lived on Mt. Olympus
Tritons Strange sea creatures, half men, half fish, with scales, sharp teeth, claws, fins, and forked tales. Hedonistic and lascivious.
Titans First divine race. Ultimately honored as ancestors of the first humans. Invented the arts and magic.
Theseus Not a god, but a hero. Son of a mortal woman, a mortal man and Poseidon.
Sirens Sea monsters with bird's bodes and women's heads. Sang sweetly to lure travelers and kill them.
Satyrs Half goat, half men. Part of the retinue of Dionysus. Represented the elementary spirits of the forest and mountains.
Prometheus Created humans from earth and water. Though a titan, lived on Mt. Olympus.
Poseidon God of the sea. Personification of water-god of vegetation and fecundity. Son of Cronus.
Perseus Son of a mortal woman and Zeus. Killed Medusa and Andromeda.
Persephone Daughter of Demeter and wife of Hades. Is associated with seasons of the year and myths of regeneration
Pan Son of Hermes. Half man, half goat. god of woods and pastures, protector of shepherds and flocks
Pandora First woman. Created by all divinities. unleashed terrible afflictions on the earth.
Orpheus Son of Apollo. Sang and played the lyre. Performed miracles on the voyage of the Argonauts.
Orion Giant, son of mother earth. Dog named Sirius. Banished to live in the sky now a constellation
Oedipus Son of King of Thebes. Killed his father and married his mom cause him to be blind. solved the riddle of the sphinx.
Hermes God of travelers. conducted souls to the underworld. God of commerce and profit. Son of Zeus and Maia.
Hera Zeus' wife. Presided over all stages of feminine existence. Marriage and maternity. Idealized wife.
Helen Wife of Menelaus but in love with Paris. Her beauty started the trojan war.
Hades God of the underworld. Invisible, god of buried treasure and agricultural wealth.
Eros Youngest god. Armed with bow and arrow to make people fall in love if hit by them. Son of Aphrodite.
Dionysus God of win and pleasure. Son of Zeus
Demeter Goddess of earth and the underworld. Reps motherhood and fertile, cultivated soil
Cronus Son of titans. Married his sister Rhea. Daughters-Hestia, Demeter, Hera. Sons-Poseidon, Zeus, Hades
Charybdis Dwelt in the sicilian sea as the Sirens. Daughter of Poseidon and east. Whirlpool that swallowed ships
Scylla Beautiful woman was changed into a monster with 6 ugly heads.
Athena Warrior goddess, goddess of arts of peace and prudent intelligence. Zeus' daughter
Artemis Agricultural deity. Goddess of the chase and of the forest. Archer. Apollo's twin. Assoc. moonlight.
Ares God of war,. Son of Zeus and Hera.
Apollo Sun-god. God of light. Cultivated and protected crops. Assoc. with music. Archer.
Aphrodite Goddess of love. Essence of feminine beauty.
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