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chp 6 reviewquestion

ch6 review questions

What are the 3 types of congressional sessions(how Differ)? regular=jan_nov, special=time of crisis, joint=house and senate meet together
The great compromise what type of congress? equally representation, bicarmeral
How many rep.and adjustments made for each state? 435, every 2 years after census
What is gerrymandering, why considerd to be uffair? based on district design to increase voting strenght and pollation
What are terms and limits for the house? 2 years terms after census jan to nov
how many sen and who do they serve for? 100, entire state
how often sen elected and why are they staggerd? every 6 years ,because many different types of sen join at different times
who is the leader of the house and how is he chosen? speaker is chosen by the entire membership of the house
what is the special position the speaker holds, why is it given to the house then the senate? next in line for presendency, speakers can talk to many members of the house
according to the costitution who is the leader of the senate? vice president
Who takes care of day to day duties in the senate? president pro tempore
Why are floor leaders and party whips so important in political process? they make sure rep vote
What functions do congressional committees serve? standing, select, joint, conference
Standing com perment is divided into subcommitees
select com do a special job for unlimeted time
subcommittees (blank)
conference com house and senate must agree on bills
joint com include house plus senate
how is a com member chosen? (blank)
how does the seniority system work and why is it considerd unfair? people who have been oldest in the house, because there may be talented new people
what are some expressed powers of congress? can make post office, raise money, support army
why is it necessary and proper clause sometimes called the elastic clause? (blank)
house of reprensentive qualifications 435 members, 5 years old, live in the state they reprensent be citizen at least 7 years ,live in the district they represent
members of congress anual salery 150,00
senate and house in common free parking, office space and trips, frankling privilege( to say or do what they belive is right without interference from outsiders) the quarantee of immunity but still can break laws, lowcost insurence, gymnasium, special restaurants and a medical
senate qualifications to run for a senetor you must be at least 30 years,live at least 9 years in the state
artical one the first branch of the governtment congress
bicameral legislature the great compromise delegates from smaller states wanted equal representation, delegates from larger state wanted based on popullation
in the house no matter how its popullation is , after each 10 years a census has to be taken to adjust the number of reprensentatives, each state is divide for one or more congressional areas
gerrymanding problem in most states represententive are republican so they might draw lines of people with more republican voters
representatives serve 2 years and usally focus on concerns in their district rather then the whole state
senate has 2 for each state, each senetor has to care for the whole state, senetors serve 6 years (but elections are STAGGER so that no more than 1/3 of senetors are up for reelection at any time, insure stability and continuity
the constitution states that the house shall choose their speaker and other officers only mayority at the caucus, or closed meeting. the entire membership then approves the choice of the (speaker of the house
speaker of the house is the most powerful leader of the house, steer legislation, incharge of floor debate( next in line for presendency)
senate leader the senate has no leader with comparible power( the president officer is technically the vice president how ever president rarely attends only in ties
Created by: hispanic911