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History Exams

Chapter 15 & 16

Causes of the War Taxes. Public Lands. States' Rights. Slavery.
Democratic party found mostly in the southern states "mostly common people"
Republican party Found mostly in the Northern states "mostly rich people"--aginst slavery/ lincoln was the first republican president.
The civil war began on April 12, 1861 and ended on April 9, 1865
ordinance of secession on january 28th 1861 Texas secceded from the U.S./ we were the 7th state to seccede out 11/ Lamar county voted aginst secession
Montgomery The first capitol of the confederacy - later on the capitol was moved to Richmond, Virginia
Jefferson Davis was the first and last president of the Confederacy
Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860/ he was the first Republican president
Sam Houston Houston was removed from office (governer) in 1861 because he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the confederacy
Ft. Sumter the rebels fired on Ft. Sumter at Charleston, South Caolina on April 12, 1861--- the war begins
Conscription act of 1862 both the North and South drafted soldiers/ you could hire a substitute/ all able bodied men were required to serve.
James W. Throckmorton a unionist who later became a rebel general and was elected governer after the war/// The union Congressmen removed him from office
The North's Plan for winning the war 1. Capture the mississippi and cut the south in half 2. capture Richmond "the rebel capitol" 3. Blockade the southern coast
Albert S. Johnston the rebel commander of the army of Tennessee/ he was killed at the battle of Shilohin 1862 *important general*
Milton Holland (texan) the first african american to get a medal of honor
Santos Benavides a tejano who helped the rebels stop a union advance up the Rio Grande and helped re-capture Galveston later on
Created by: mweems22
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