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US Wars

Who ordered the invasion of cambodia nixon
who led the malai massacre Ltd. Cally
what event was when 100 vietnamese women/children were gunned down malai massacre
who wins the election in 1968 nixon
who did nixon need support from to win the war silent majority
what did nixon do after vietnamization ordered bombing of laos and cambodia
where did israel drive during their pre-emptive strike sinai peninsula/lebanon/west bank/gazza strip
who fought with the US in Afghanistan against the soviets Osama Bin Laden
who shot bobby kennedy sirham sirham
why was bobby kennedy shot he supported israel in the 6 day war
what was the turning point in the war tet offensive
what were US soldiers who came home from war called baby killers
what did soldiers come home with (nightmares) PTSD
what are the two deadliest months in a war first and last
what were the two north vietnamese militarys NVA and Viet Cong
what was the south vietnamese military ARVN
what kind of bombs do the US have problems with in Aghanistan IED
what group made up the Afghanistan government Taliban
what group was led by Bin Laden Al Queda
what are the two steps of war 1. win war 2. nation building
who was president during the second war in the persian gulf George W Bush
who was president during the first war in the persian gulf George H W Buh
what kind of war did vietnam use guerilla war
what did US use as a liquid fire bomb on vietnam napalm
what chemical killed all the foliage in vietnam agent orange
how were the US soldiers restricted they couldnt go after the Ho Chi Minh trail
when is the pull out scheduled in afghanistan 2014
what was the US's plan to bomb Vietnam Opperation Rolling Thunder
what wrote the president a blank check tonkin gulf resolution
where did the french surrender dien bien phu
what college had so many prtests that the national guard came in and fired into the crowd kent state
what college were two blacks killed in a protesg jackson state
what was proof that the government lied to the american people pentagon papers
when did the US pull out of vietnam 1973
when does vietnam fall to communism 1975
what act gave congress back their power to declare war war powers act
what is an easing of tensions detente
what was nixons weakness watergate scandal
what was nixons strength foreign affairs
what is it called when the White House has the right to keep secrets executive priveledge
who took bribes as the governer of maryland spiro agnew
Created by: bnofs13
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